Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach [THE BEST FNAF GAME?] -not clickbait-

Five Nights at Freddys: Security Breach [THE BEST FNAF GAME?] -not clickbait-

On December 16th, ScottGames published the fourteenth installment of the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise. Fans are going wild over the faztastic game and calling it the best FNAF game of all time, despite the fact that it differs highly from the gameplay of previous installments. As a longtime fan of the FNAF franchise, I will be reviewing and assessing whether or not the game is an official contender for the top FNAF game!

First, I must address the Markiplier controversy. Markiplier has done a lot for the popularity of the FNAF series by posting let’s play videos of the game to his channel of over 30 million subscribers. Markiplier regularly praises the series, but in one of his videos he called the new Security Breach game “silly and a little bit goofy”. Markiplier promptly ended episode 6 of his let’s play early, later announcing on twitter that he needed a break from the backlash he was receiving. Personally, I think the Markiplier controversy’s inability to affect the high ratings of the game is just another reason this game is so faztastic!

One reason FNAF: Security Breach is so neat is because you can climb inside robotic Freddy and walk around (gameplay seen below).

This is unlike anything seen in previous FNAF games, and it allows the player to access unique mechanics such as the 40mm canon and tracking rockets. While one could argue that this new style of gameplay is too different from previous games, I believe it’s important that FNAF go in a new direction. The FNAF audience is growing up, and with that comes a desire for more complex gameplay. I support the forward-thinking agenda of the franchise and look forward to seeing the advancements FNAF has in store, such as the rumored exclusive Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzaria World coming to the Metaverse.

The story of FNAF: Security Breach makes it a true contender for the best FNAF game in history. With the introduction of the new “Rockstar” variants of the FNAF character roster, fan-theories have gone through the roof. Specifically, in 2013, Matpat (The Game Theorist) proposed an eventual introduction of The Fazvengers, a team of superhuman FNAF characters that team up to save the world. While FNAF: Security Breach doesn’t entirely confirm this, it does add to the legitimacy of the theory. The Rockstar variants of the characters (below) do display a superhero vibe. The main character, Gregory, also displays himself as a leader that has gone through the cycle of a true hero.

Personally, I’m very excited to see the direction FNAF takes in upcoming games. Security Breach earns my stamp of approval as an official contender for one of the top FNAF games of all time!