Netflix vs. Hulu: Which Is Better?

An age-old battle: What streaming service will come out on top?

Netflix vs. Hulu: Which Is Better?

If you are looking to buy a subscription to Netflix or Hulu, then look no further! Netflix and Hulu are arguably two of the best and most popular streaming services available today. So I have decided compare Netflix and Hulu according to 5  categories: Pricing, Original Content, Recent Content, Popularity, and Simultaneous Streaming.



For those trying to save money this year, the pricing of these streaming platforms may be one of the most important factors when considering which one to get.

Advanced Plans:                                Basic Plan:

11.99- Ad-free Hulu                           5.99- Hulu

13.99- Netflix Standard                    8.99- Netflix

17.99- Netflix Premium

Winner: Hulu

Clearly, Hulu is the obvious winner in the Pricing Category, with Hulu having both a cheaper Basic Plan and Advanced Plan available to customers.


Original Content:

Original content is a series or movie on a steaming platform that has been created by that same platform. I think this category will be a close one, as both Netflix and Hulu have popular original shows.

Hulu Original Content:                                 Netflix Original Content:

Castle Rock                                                      The Umbrella Academy

The Handmaid’s Tale                                    Stranger Things

The Act                                                             You

Nine Perfect Strangers                                BoJack Horseman

Dopesick                                                          Dead to Me

Only Murders in the Building                    Ozark

Winner: Netflix

In my opinion, Netflix definitely has better and more popular Original content shows than Hulu. But in the future, I would love to Hulu produce more noteworthy TV series.


Recent Content :

Hulu offers many shows, such as Family Guy and Brooklyn Nine Nine, that update with new episodes weekly. This is a major upside to Netflix, who does not offer this, with the exception of Riverdale (but who wants to watch that, right?). If you are not willing to wait the weeks, or even months that it can take for Netflix to update their television shows, then I would definitely recommend Hulu.

Winner: Hulu



If you are just looking to follow the trends of your peers, then Netflix is the streaming service for you. While 52 percent of people in the US have a Netflix account, only 41 percent of people have a Hulu account. With Netflix, you will easily be able to watch the most popular TV shows and movies.

Winner: Netflix


Simultaneous Streaming:

Since the majority of users who have either Netflix or Hulu are most likely sharing this account with others, I consider simultaneous streaming to be a very important factor when considering which streaming platform to get. For Netflix,  the Basic Plans allows one stream per account, while the Advanced Plans lets two to four devices stream at the same time. Hulu allows two devices stream on the same account at the same with both the Basic and Advanced Plans. Because Netflix lets a greater number of people stream at the same time (even though the plan might cost higher), Netflix is the clear winner here.

Winner: Netflix


Overall Winner: Netflix

Disclaimer: I was not able to dive into every single pro and con of each streaming service, so there are definitely others factors to consider when choosing a streaming service. But overall, Netflix is the clear winner.