Squid Games Review

*Caution: Do not read this article if you have not already watched Squid Games: Spoilers Ahead*


If you haven’t watched Squid Games on Netflix yet, then what have you been doing for the past few weeks? This Korean show is projected to become the most watched Netflix ever, and has taken over many other social media platforms, including TikTok and Instagram. If you are still reading this article, then clearly you have seen the show, so I will spare everyone the summary and get right into my own personal opinions of the show.


Overall, I think that this show is absolutely genius, and it is difficult to find any short comings. Some of my favorite parts of this show was learning the inner workings and structure of the guards system, and in season 2 I would be interested in learning more about the personal relationships between the mysterious guards.

But, if I had to be picky, I would have loved to learn more background on characters such as Ali and Ji-Yeong, who throughout the show we learned little about. I think that if there was more background on these characters, then watchers would be able to gain even greater emotional connections, and it would make their deaths even harder emotionally. In addition, I think it would have been better if more of the games played by the characters were more based on skill instead of just pure luck.

Also, I feel that it is only necessary to give an homage to the characters that really deserved better:

I believe that Sae-Byeok, or better known as Player 67, would have won that game if it was not for her tragic death at the hands of Song-Woo. In reality though, Sae-Byeok probably would not have survived that night anyways, but that does not mean that Song-Woo needed to kill her so brutally. I thought it was really unlucky that Sae-Byeok got impaled by a shard of glass at the end of the challenge, but in the end the game itself is meant to be based on luck. Sae-Byeok’s inability throughout the show to open up to the other players showed that she had more to her life than what she let on, which I wished the viewers could have learned more about.


The detective brought an angle to this show that viewers have never seen before. Going into the games, he had good intentions, to find his brother who had recently disappeared. By finding documents in the Front Man’s apartment, viewers are able to learn that the games have been going on for a number of years, and are also present in multiple countries around the world. I never would have expected for the detective’s brother to be the Front Man, and that was a really well done twist in the show. But, I do not think that the detective is dead yet, as he was only shot in the shoulder and the fall into the water was not that far down. I would not be surprised to see the detective again.


A fan favorite, Abdul Ali, suffered an ironic, and pretty heart wrenching death. Any viewer would knew that Song-Woo was going to trick Ali after he had won the first initial game. Even though Ali clearly deserved to win the challenge, the fact that he still died as a result of Song-Woo’s trickery makes his death even worse.



Predictions for next season:

At first when Seong Gi-hun died his hair red at the end of the show, I was very confused. But, after finishing the show, I realized that his red hair could be an allusion to the fact that Seong Gi-hun will again try to enter the game, but this time as a guard, because the guards have red uniforms. In addition, after being told to get on the plane to America by the Front Man, Seong Gi-hun chooses not to go, which possibly implies that he chose the game over his own family yet again.

A second prediction I have for next season is that the games will take place in another country, and that Seong Gi-hun will somehow be involved in the games process as a guard or higher up official who is secretly attempting to bring about the end of the games. In addition, I think that viewers will learn more about the VIP members.


Currently, Netflix has stated that it has currently not been decided whether there will be a second season of Squid Games yet. But due to the immense popularity of this show, I think that there will definitely be a season two. Continue to read The Talon for more TV and movie updates!

(I chose not to mention the old man in the article due to the fact that his true identity really made me upset)