Rating Pinterest Outfits

Don’t know what to wear this summer? Look no further.

Today I will be rating various outfits I found on Pinterest. I am hoping that this will provide me with some inspiration to spice up my wardrobe for the summer, but we’ll see. Let’s begin.


1. This is a fairly simple summer look, but I like it. I think colorful button-ups are really cool and an easy way to add a little pop to an outfit. Also, I can’t see it that well but it appears that they are also wearing a scarf/bandana in their hair which I always think is super cute. Overall I would give this outfit a 6/10, because although I do like it I think it could have more accessories.


2. I know that we can’t see the bottom-half of the outfit that well, but this top was so cool I had to include it. I love all of the rings and her necklaces are dope as well. As for the pants, I am personally not a fan of low-rise on me but I think other people can pull them off really well. Overall I would give this outfit a 9/10 because I just can’t get over the top.


3. Right off the bat the pants have caught my eye. The pattern is colorful without being loud, and I think the top they chose to pair them with is perfect. I can’t see the bag that well but I do like a bigger tote-style bag more than a small purse. The accessories are simple but present, and overall the outfit just flows together really well in my opinion. I would  rate this one an 8/10.


4. Every time I go on Pinterest this outfit is on my feed, and I’m not mad about it. The shorts are absolute perfection, and the top is so unique. They included minimal accessories which honestly works for the outfit since the top is doing most of the talking. Overall this outfit is a 10/10, and I will venmo anyone who can find out where these shorts are from.



5. This outfit is just a vibe. They mastered the cute while still comfy look. I love the maxi skirt, and typically I’m not a huge fan of mixing patterns in an outfit but honestly I don’t even mind the top with it. I think the cardigan was a good addition and you can’t see it very well but they did accessorize as well. I’d give this outfit an 8/10.



6. I really like this outfit. Something about the contrast between the green Yankees hat and the brown top is really speaking to me. Im especially rocking with the Carhartt Converse in addition to the “I’m sorry I’m late I didn’t want to come” top. Overall I’d rate this outfit an 9/10.



7. Overalls are similar to low-rise pants in my eyes in the way that I am not a fan of them on myself, but certain people can rock ’em. This person is one of those people. I’m also a big fan of the flower child top and the necklaces they chose. I’d probably rate this a 7/10 because although it is fairly simple, it screams summer.



8. Right out the gate the sweatshirt and shoes are immediately 10/10. I like the color-scheme of the green with the brown, but I’m not a huge fan of how the pants are slightly high-water. They did accessorize well with the layered necklaces and I think the gold really ties the outfit together. Overall I’d give this outfit a 10/10.


9. This outfit screams cozy. I really like the green plaid and when paired with the sweater it gives off big farmers market vibes. I think if I could I would probably add some sort of tote-bag to this outfit because I think it would add a little spice. The accessories are minimal but present, which I think is okay due to the loudness (in a good way) of the skirt. I’d rate this a 7/10 but with a tote I think it could reach an 8.


10. This outfit is giving girlboss. I love a big purse and the contrast of the pink with the yellow heels and pants is flawless. I can’t see the top that well but the small part I can see looks dope. I like the accessories they chose but in particular the orange sunnies. This outfit is a 10/10 no questions asked.


11. I am always a sucker for a band tee, especially when paired with a midi skirt. I really like the pop of color with the purple, and the flower design is subtle yet charming. I personally think that they could have added more to the outfit with a different color purse, for example I think a yellow one would pair with the top well while also complimenting the lavender. Overall I would rate this outfit an 8/10, but I think a different colored purse could make it a 9.


That’s all folks. I actually found writing this article to be quite peaceful so perhaps a part two will be coming soon.