Juniors’ IWAs pt. 2

ft another set of hard-working juniors!!

Juniors IWAs pt. 2

Hey Magnet! I’m back to share with you some more IWA research questions since I heard back from many more Juniors. As I was writing the last article, I was also finishing up writing my AP Research paper- it is not done yet, unfortunately, but I am working on the conclusion so that is promising. From seminar, I remember being so tired and burnt out from my paper that at the end, I just did not have a very good conclusion. But this year, since I am more dedicated to my topic, and actually super interested in it, it is a little easier to write. Stay positive, Juniors, because even though you will have to write a whole other paper, it may be easier if you are more passionate about it.

I also noticed how many of you juniors are writing about sports! Like, a lot. I think that is awesome because there are a lot of gaps in the topic of sports, partially because there are so many different ones and so much to learn about them all and how they help/harm us. My freshman National History Day project was about Title IX, so I can relate. I also found a lot of psychology-ish ones, very cool everyone. Thanks for sharing, you guys! I’m proud of you- you’re almost done!!


Pedro Araujo: “Should gaming, with its growing popularity, be encouraged despite the negative effects that it has on the mental health of players?”

Chaye Bonner: “Do collegiate athletics in the United States perpetuate the normalization of insufficient diets leading to RED-S, or relative energy deficiency in sport, in female athletes?”

Mark Owens: “Is the evolution of college and professional sports’ regulations necessary for maintaining the American audiences built around them?”

Madelyn Anderson: “What is the most depolarizing course of action for sporting arenas to adopt in order to foster appropriate protest of racial injustice while safeguarding the importance of US nationalism?”

Ada Skradski: “Should teenagers with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) utilize abnormal therapies such as hippotherapy to suppress symptoms and lead to eventual recovery?”

Hippotherapy is a therapy branched off of animal assisted therapy which is commonly used in autistic patients so I was wondering if branching that out to anxiety patients as a form of exercise and therapy would benefit them the way it benefits autistic patients.

— Ada Skradski

DJ Ravenell: “Should physical sports or digital sports be used as a tool to help develop computational skills in cognitively underdeveloped children?”

Taryn Crowley: “To what extent do the annual Grammy Awards prove to be the most prominent example of racism in the modern day American music industry?”

M. Dillard: “How much influence do off-field factors have on hostile aggression levels for sports players as compared to on-field factors? ”

Meriem Bazine: “To what extent is saying “Africa won the World Cup” in regards to the 2018 World Cup racist?”

Caleb Cayouette: “Is implementing regimented aerobic exercise into a regular schedule an effective method to treat clinical depression in adolescents?”

Zane Hull: “Do the mental and physical benefits of youth sports leagues outweigh the potential negative effects?”

Daman Wegner: “Should participation trophies be given in youth sports?”

Dominik Dimicco: “Should nations in the European Union focus on providing aid to rural communities, over urban communities, to lessen the rural-urban disparity between rural and urban centers?”

Nicole Drucker: “To what extent does participation in competitive bodybuilding affect women’s body image?”

David Wang: “What is the best solution to ease political unrest in the Western Balkans?”

Caroline Horton: “To what extent does pressure from coaches impact the mental health of young athletes participating in aesthetic sports?”

“Aesthetic sports” in my research question are sports in which an athlete’s appearance is judged along with their performance, such as Gymnastics, Figure Skating, Ballet, Cheer, etc.

— Caroline Horton

Lilly Praete: “Should Hollywood implement measures to help facilitate an increase in the numberof women in leading roles both on and off the screen?”

Anna Clifford: “What is the best method of treatment to reduce the effects of mental disorders such as anxiety and depression?”

Ella Jones: “To what extent does parental influence have an effect on children’s mental health, specifically anxiety, in youth sport in America?”

Izzy Custer: “To what extent does sports participation decrease juvenile delinquency in low-income, urban U.S. cities?”

Robert Colestock: “What is the best initiative for college diversity programs to focus on?”

The two main paths to go down are integrating diversity into college curriculum and recruiting more diverse students into colleges.

— Robert Colestock

You guys all had fabulous topics! I am so grateful that you shared with me and I hope you are all finishing up strongly. Presentations come next, which I am sure you all will do very well on- you already practiced with the TMP, after all. Don’t get too nervous, just remember that this does not determine your future, or if you are a successful person. Just taking this class makes you successful! I know you guys are going to do great.

I applaud your hard work!