John and Cameron Rank the Top 15 Halloween Candy

John and Cameron Rank the Top 15 Halloween Candy

Tootsie Rolls – 15

Consisting of sugar, corn syrup, palm oil, condensed skim milk, cocoa, whey, soy lecithin, and artificial and natural flavors, tootsie rolls are a chocolate taffy-like treat that are bound to leave your mouth watering for days on end. Although this candy is at the bottom of the list, do not let this deceive you. We have chosen the most delicious candies available to the public. Tootsie rolls are far underrated in our opinion. Who could turn down a chocolate-flavored Laffy Taffy??






Snickers – 14

At the number fourteen spot of this ranking lands Snickers, one of the most common and popular Halloween candies. You will almost definitely have a few of these delicious treats kicking around your bag following a long night of trick or treating. From the chocolatey core to the caramel center this is overall a top tier candy, landing it at number fourteen on our list.





Airheads -13

One of many types of sweet chewy candy, we believe Airheads stand out so they earn the number 13 spot. Airheads are an absolute classic and I don’t think anyone would be upset to find this in their trick or treat bag. Coming in over 16 different flavors, these are basically the less delicious version of Laffy Taffy’s.





Smarties – 12

For the twelfth spot on the list of the all-time best candies ever lands smarties. These are some of the most dynamic candies on this list. With excellent flavor and multiple ways to enjoy them, they are truly deserving of the number 12 spot on this list. Furthermore, this candy is great value, a big bag of them is as cheap as a couple of dollars.





Laffy Taffy – 11

Earning spot #11 of all-time best candies, these sweet treats are delicioso as they say in Spain. As indicated by the name, these taffy sweets are guaranteed to make you smile or even let out a little laugh. Coming in blue raspberry, cherry, grape, sour apple, strawberry, banana, and more, they are on the rare side when it comes to Halloween candy. Although it has been agreed upon that this candy is absolutely fire, it falls far behind the first place.





M&Ms – 10

M&Ms are one of the most famous candies ever. These chocolate candies covered in a colorful mantle are extraordinarily recognizable. The pure variety alone makes these candies worthy of the number 10 spot on the list. Whether it be pretzel, caramel, peanut, or peanut butter M&Ms there’s definitely something for everyone.





Jolly Ranchers – 9

Coming in many different shapes and flavors, Jolly Ranchers are a hard candy that leave your mouth filled with deliciousness for a long period of time. That is unless you are that one madman who bites into their hard candy. The only downside of this candy is when it gets stuck to the wrapper which happens quite often. Therefore, Jolly Ranchers earn number 9. 





Skittles – 8

Similarly to M&Ms, Skittles are famous for the colorful variety of candy of small circular candy. These sugary candies imitate fruity flavors while providing a satisfying chew. They come in multiple varieties including sour flavors, Halloween editions, white-out, blackout, and other quirky flavors!





Butterfingers – 7

Butterfingers exhibit a delicious combination of buttery nougat on the inside but have a delicious chocolate covering. This combined with the wonderful aesthetics make it a phenomenal treat worthy of the number 7 spot on this list





Swedish Fish – 6

This foreign fish-shaped chewy candy is undeniably a delight to the senses. With an indescribable taste, many dispute over what flavor the original red candy actually is. Since the OG, there have been many different flavors and a regular and mini size.





Crunch – 5

Coming in at the number 5 spot on our list is the popular chocolate bar, Crunch. This bar provides a satisfying bite as your teeth plunge into the chocolate-covered wafer.





Reese’s – 4

Peanut butter and chocolate are great when separate, but when combined they can make Halloween epic. The original version of Reese’s cups have the perfect ratio of chocolate to peanut butter that makes you want to slap your mother. With many variations of the original such as the pumpkin-shaped Reese’s, you can’t go wrong with this combination.





Kit Kat – 3

Coming in at the number 3 spot on our list is the popular chocolate bar, Kit Kat. This bar provides a satisfying bite as your teeth plunge into the chocolate-covered wafer. These are one of the most loved chocolate bars worldwide helping them reach this spectacular ranking.




Twix – 2

A brilliant combination of chocolate, caramel, and biscuit, Twix respectfully earns spot number two. There’s not much to say here besides wow my mouth feels gas.




Heath – 1

A controversial number one pick, toffee and chocolate hits different, to say the least. Heath is by far one of the most underrated candies in the world. If you haven’t bothered with this candy before, we beg you to reconsider the deliciousness of the Heath bar.