Ex Bachelorette Hannah Brown Tries to Find Love (AGAIN)

Thanks TMZ!

Since her incredibly unsuccessful journey, season 15 bachelorette Hannah Brown is successfully maintaining relevance in the media. Recently, she and Tyler Cameron, the “runner up” from Hannah’s season have been seen self quarantining in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida since the COVID-19 virus outbreak has intensified. Although they have denied dating rumors, claiming they are just friends, many people have an issue with this relationship given Hannah’s recent relationship habits. Since it’s been a while, here is a recap of what Hannah has been up to since her season wrapped up:

After sending Peter Webber home, Hannah was left to pick between Tyler and Jed, a musician with sketchy intentions. She chose Jed, got engaged, and lived with him, until finding out that he had a girlfriend at the start of the show, and had the

Tyler picking Hannah up from an airport in Florida

intention to use the show to gain more listeners for his music.

 Hannah ended the engagement before the “men tell all” episode, where she asked Tyler out. People had mixed reactions, some supporting her in this decision and others claiming that Tyler is better than her, who views him as a second choice. Nonetheless, he was spotted at her house but their relationship never developed.

While Hannah laid low and enjoyed being single and a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, Tyler moved on to date supermodel Gigi Hadid until they broke things off because they are at different places in their lives right now.

Within the first episode of The Bachelor, where Peter Webber (3rd place winner in Hannah’s season) gave another shot at love, Hannah appeared on the show as a guest, where she ended up confessing that she still sees some potential for a relationship between the two of them. For the most part, this angered the Bachelor nation, for giving it another shot with Peter after her first two preferred options did not work out. However, nothing ever happened in this relationship, and Peter continued his Bachelor journey.

Hannah B featured in a TikTok with Tyler

After his mom passed away, TMZ caught Tyler picking up Hannah from the airport. From there, they have posted together hanging out on a boat, playing volleyball on the beach, and doing TikTok dances by a pool with some of Tyler’s friends and family members, including his best friend Matt James who criticized Hannah for not picking Tyler and then asking him out again at the men tell all. Both of them have received criticism for not properly quarantining, with podcast producer and ex bachelor Nick Viall stating “Stay home. Stop doing TikTok videos with groups of people in a pool”. 

Personally, I support them. Whether they are dating is not confirmed, but even just as friends I see them as a power duo and positive breath of fresh air for discouraged Bachelor Nation members after the trainwreck that was Peter’s season. Tyler was one of my favorite Bachelorette contestants of all time, and it’s nice to see him seemingly happy hanging out with Hannah. I think Hannah could have handled certain situations better throughout her season (specifically Luke P), and definitely should have thoroughly decided whether she wants to try again with Tyler or Peter, but not both to avoid seeming desperate and making one of them feel like they are her third choice. However, I like her overall and think she and Tyler deserve to give it another shot.