Some of the Best Talk Show Hosts

If Netflix isn’t providing you with new content and you’re exhausted from re-watching your favorite show, whether that be Friends or The Office, talk shows are the remedy for you. They offer a more real feeling than fictional tv shows do, and some of them offer humor unmatched by anything else. Whether a feel-good moment is desired, or you want to catch up with your favorite celebrities and athletes, settling in to watch an episode of one of today’s most popular talk shows never seems to fail. 


James Corden

Infamous for his carpool karaoke, James Corden deserves nothing short of a spot on this list. He is the host of the Late Late Show which airs most weekdays at 12:35 am in the morning. His comedic background keeps the audience present for the live show laughing, as well as the audience watching from home. Some of his trademark segments include but are not limited to “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts”, “Riff-Off”, “Take a Break”, and “Were You Paying Attention?”. The Late Late Show’s youtube channel has 4.7 million subscribers that keep up and enjoy the short clips and the carpool karaokes that get uploaded there. 

Net Worth: $12 Million 


Ellen DeGeneres

If any talk show host gives back to the community it’s Ellen. The Ellen show is a source of happiness that airs at 3 pm Eastern Time, so many people have to tape her show to watch after work. Ellen DeGeneres supports 51 and counting charities and organizations such as PETA, Habitat For Humanity, Feeding America, and the Humane Society. A few of her segments are “What’s in the Box?”, “Know or Go”, “Just KID-Ink”, and “Why I Don’t Have Kids”. Ellen also has a game show called Ellen’s Game of Games which has had two successful seasons so far. 

Net Worth: $490 million


Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel, host of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, spends his time interviewing famous athletes, celebrities and sometimes even audience members. He has hosted the Emmy Awards twice, and rightfully so because it is easy to see that he was born to entertain. He fills the time in his shows with segments like “Mean Tweets”, “Pedestrian Questions”, and “Who’s High?”. He tends to include the public from Hollywood Boulevard adding a personal effect to his shows. His cousin Sal makes frequent appearances in certain segments and he has proved to be a crowd favorite over the years. 

Net Worth: $35 Million