Oscars Outfit Review

*very brutal opinions*

As we all know, the Oscars were on TV last Sunday night, so we (Bailey and Kaki) decided to tear apart the red carpet looks. If you want some very honest opinions, keep reading.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Bailey: He’s so dreamy! The slicked back hair with the little bit of scruff on the face really balances each other out. The tux is simple, but says so much. Go Leo.

Kaki: I am digging the whole appearance. The hair, the sleek tux, love it all. Leo looks like he is actually going to the Oscars rather than his senior prom, like some other people. All in all, great choice, Mr. DiCaprio, you deserved that Oscar! Other than bringing your 22-year-old girlfriend as your date (23 years–older than she is!), he killed that look.



America Ferrera

Bailey: Showing up preggers at the Oscars? Bold move! She showed off that baby bump like a pageant mom shows off her two year old dressed up like a 20 year old. I will say however, I am not a fan of the head band across the forehead. It looks a little too Tumblr hipster girl circa 2012. The dress was not my fave either. Honestly, it looked like something you would see on the sale rack at Belk. Maybe save it for the next time you’re a bridesmaid, America.

Kaki: Not my favorite look. Not gonna lie, she looks like she belongs in “The Handmaid’s Tale” rather than a guest at the Oscars. Being pregnant is definitely a statement, power to ya, America! I don’t really know where the idea for that headband came from…it reminds me of the American Girl Doll Julie. I think there was something else you could have worn to show off that pregnant ~glow~ everyone talks about. I guess we’ll see next year, sis!


Maya Rudolph

Bailey: Where to start with this one. First off, it looks like a mumu dipped in glitter. Not to mention the color of the dress is horrendous. The color is a mixture of vomit and a rusted penny. The strappy pumps she wears with it are not much better. They look like something Paris Hilton would wear to her prom. Then there’s the hair. HORRENDOUS. She looks like the llama from The Emperor’s New Groove. It’s a spitting image. 

Kaki: Valentino, you’ve done better. Lady Gaga’s “A Star Is Born” premier dress? Eye catching. JLo at the Golden Globes? Amazing. This, Mr. Valentino, is quite possibly the worst dress to hit the red carpet this year. Bailey is right to point out its saddening similarity to a mumu, but that color might even be worse. Hot pink, white, black, silver would look so much better. Especially standing next to Kristen Wiig during their presentation, I’m truly sorry. 


Laura Dern

Bailey: The shape of this dress is really nice and it suits her body well. However, I am not the biggest fan of this dress. It kinda looks like she took the rim off her lamp shade and stuck it to the top of her dress. Looks like Pollyanna is going to a funeral. I will say that her hair and makeup look fantastic and I think Laura is an extremely talented actress.

Kaki: Definitely more simple, I like it. The hair is classy, nothing over the top. Good choice. I’m a fan of the contrast with the pink and black. While the colors look nice together, the actual style of the dress is not my favorite. It fits her very well and is quite flattering overall, I am just not a fan of the black top. It looks like a beaded bra with fringes on the bottom. Overall, I give her a 6/10. Not too bad. 


Brad Pitt

Bailey: Ew. Brad Pitt looks like he just crawled out of a sewer. Nasty. And his velvet tux? Horrendous. Brad sure isn’t getting Jennifer back after showing up to the Oscars like this.

Kaki: I love the velvet tux. Very appropriate for the Oscars. The hair, on the other hand, is a little much. He kind of looks like a rat of some sort with his hair flowing like that, but in a classy way, you know? The bow tie is a nice touch, much better than a regular tie. While I prefer Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar look, Brad Pitt’s isn’t too far behind. Just fix the hair. 


Timothée Chalamet

Bailey: I love Timothée. Very much. But this outfit is not doing him justice. First of all, the jacket looks like something I would’ve picked up at Forever 21 in middle school. The fabric looks cheap and is not flattering on him. The emblem on the pocket looks like a cockroach crawling out. Not a cute look, but I still love you Timothée. 

Kaki: Sleek. Unappealing. Kinda looks sickly, but not the good type. The top part of his jacket looks like something from H&M. Then the pocket on it? They look like they are trying to be the jacket your dad wears to church on Easter. Also, it doesn’t fit him well at all. The navy is a fine color, but mixed with black…not my favorite look. I had higher expectations for him, especially after his role as Laurie in “Little Women.”


Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Bailey:  The color looks gorgeous on her, but the rest of it is borderline ugly. The triangle halter top looks like a hammock for her boobs. The dress could have been somewhat palatable if it weren’t for the cape. Too much in my opinion. As for John, I’m disappointed. It’s pretty hard to mess up a classic tux but John managed to. The coat doesn’t even match with the pants. The bowtie is way too large and makes him look like a circus clown. Try again next year. 

Kaki: John looks amazing, per usual. He has Hollywood’s best smile and the perfect amount of charm to complement it. Chrissy, on the other hand, usually I am your biggest fan, but tonight, I’m not so sure. That seafoam green might be a little too bright (a dark teal might look better, perhaps) and in some pictures, your “natural tan” was a little too orange to convince me otherwise. I do like the idea of the flowy dress, but the super sheerness and the ultra high slit was a strange combination to try, but go for it sister! John’s classy suit definitely balances out Chrissy’s out-there outfit, so overall I’ll give y’all a 5/10. 


Saoirse Ronan

Bailey: I LOVE Saoirse in “Little Women!” I have been pretty critical of everyone’s outfits but I do like Saoirse’s (not a biased opinion at all). The neckline is clean and simple with a little flare with the ruffles around the waist. To counter the top, the bottom of the dress is a lovely baby blue with a little bit of added texture. This one gets two thumbs up from me!

Kaki: After her performance in “Little Women,” I have been a big fan of you Saoirse. Your dress, on the other hand, not my favorite. I love the top half of the dress, with the black and off-white combination. The bottom half doesn’t match the overall mood of the dress and the occasion. It looks like some fabric you would find at either Joann or American Girl Doll. Also, the bangs are not helping this outfit. I think a nice loose curl would bring this dress back from the grave it fell into the moment it stepped foot on the red carpet. I do, however, really like the earrings she wore. I am a biiiiiig fan of a good statement earring. It brings the class back into the Oscars. 


Kristen Wiig

Bailey: Bailey: This outfit is H.I.D.E.O.U.S. . It is obnoxious and not in the good way. I feel like if I was walking next to her she would knock me over because her dress is so wide. Then, she thinks, “How can I make my  dress more ugly?” and add shoulder-high matte black gloves. She looks like she’s about to go scrub down some toilets. This is definitely my least favorite of the night.

Kaki: I love this outfit–it might even be my favorite from the Oscars. The bright red is fabulous, to say the least. The shape of the dress makes Kristen look amazing and is very flattering on her. The ruffles on the side add some texture that is unexpected, but I like it. The train, fabulous. The black gloves add a sleek contrast to the bright dress, but don’t take away from the red ruffle statement. The pointed heels add a sharper edge to the softer ruffles. Again, the contradicting styles make it perfect. While many people (including our own, Mason) think she looks like an overrated Italian dish, I think she made it look amazing and was very different from other dresses at the Oscars this year.  


Rebel Wilson

Bailey: Rebel looked absolutely stunning! She looks like a real-life Oscar trophy. The style of this dress is so timeless and she makes it look good. The uneven sleeves add a nice modern flare. Her hair is gorgeous curled and pinned back on one side. The addition of the red lip makes her resemble Marilyn Monroe. Definitely one of my favorites!

Kaki: This outfit has a modern take on a classic outfit. I love a gold moment, and adding sparkles, ah it’s amazing. I love the red lip that was paired with gold sparkles; it adds a pop of fun to the more neutral dress. While the dress itself is not my favorite style, I appreciate the one-sleeve off-the-shoulder look while the other is not a classic short-sleeve. The ruffles and twists add fun texture and depth, and I also like how it covers the shoes (but in this picture, it looks a little bunched). Her hair could have been better. The idea was there, but the actual presentation was not the best–her forehead looks more like a fivehead. Overall, I like it more than most on this list, but not my favorite from the night.