Grammy Awards Outfit Reviews

Ah, the Grammys. The Mecca of award shows. Earning a Grammy award is seemingly the single most important token of achievement for an established artist. This award show doubles as one of the most important nights in music and in fashion, where artists are able to dress to impress on the red carpet and be talked about for weeks following the show, rating looks on the best and worst of the night. We are contributing to this media by supplying you with some of what we think are the most impressive and horrendous outfits of the big night. Keep in mind this is only our opinion so don’t get offended thx!





Ariana Grande

Ariana looks like a SNACK in this classy pale blue ballgown. Some would even say she resembles Cinderella in this flattering ensemble. It has been known that Ariana knows how to serve us looks at award shows, but this Grammys look has elevated her from a young girl on Victorious to a grown, independent woman. Well done Giambattista Valli, well done. Ariana does not leave us saying thank u, next!!!


Lil Nas X

If anything, Lil Nas X knew how to stand out this red carpet. Keeping his classic look with a cowboy hat and suit, he decided to wow us with this eye-catching hot pink. Versace once again did nothing but succeed. He strutted his stuff walking up to the stage to accept his Grammy for Best Music Video alongside country superstar Billy Ray Cyrus.







Cardi B

Cardi didn’t cease to impress this Grammy season with this skin-tight, sheer, sparkly, mermaid-shaped number that hugs her in all the right places. She is glittering and sparkling in this chandelier-esque masterpiece which holds 5.5 million dollars worth of diamonds. Her gown was designed by Mugler and all we gotta say is Cardi girl, never stop making money moves. 






Nominated for 8 categories calls for a dress to remember and that’s exactly what we were given. Lizzo looks like an old Hollywood queen in this strapless white gown paired with a fur shawl. Her pearls keep her look classic but with the intricate designs on her dress adding a modern twist. Sometimes the truth hurts, but not this time. 







Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Call us psychic but we KNEW this power couple would not let us down. Chrissy’s tangerine orange paired with John’s tweed grey trench coat makes for the perfect pair. Whoever Chrissy’s makeup artist is, we want their number. The exaggerated sleeves on this flattering gown adds a fashionable and trendy touch to this beauty’s look as she is fierce and clearly knows it. John’s simple suit is taking all the right risks while allowing his wife to successfully steal the show.







Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

Priyanka and Nick are fairly experienced when it comes to wowing the public with their class and poise at award shows. Priyanka takes a risk with this extremely low-cut plunging gown leaving little to the imagination, and it certainly pays off. Nick was not gonna stand by and let Priyanka steal the show, and he successfully delivered in this sleek metallic gold suit that pairs extremely nicely with Priyanka’s dress detailing.








Tove Lo

Hmm. Confused? Yes. In a good way? No. This is just something that we simply could not grasp the concept of. No disrespect to Tove Lo’s music, but  there just seemed to be some sort of miscommunication from designer to client. We are not a fan of the peekaboo bra hanging out of the neckline of the blazer and wish the neckline was just a little bit higher- enough to cover her bra. It’s okay, there’s always next year. 








Joy Villa

Joy villa looks like an absolute dunce. All politics aside, this outfit mad ugly. Plastering any candidate on the front of a sequined red dress just ain’t it. Just look at that creepy smile that faults her clear need for Spotify streams. Why is she even at the Grammys? Has anyone ever heard her music? Not us. Please keep politics out of music Ms. Joy and stop seeking attention through your controversial outfit.






FKA Twigs

Just when we thought the hit Disney Channel TV show “My Babysitter’s a Vampire” was over: FKA Twigs (who?) unsuccessfully brought it back to the 2020 Grammys red carpet. In our opinion- if you’re not a musical superstar- you should be playing it safe on the red carpet. For a singer who is pretty unknown, coming to the Grammys dressed as a zombie bride is a little bit of an overstep.








Brandi Carlile

Ms. Carlile kinda missed the mark here. Cool concept, but poorly executed. Not the worst we’ve ever seen. This pattern looks like my grandma’s couch pillows – and not in a cute way. Never forget people – less is always more. I think we can all agree that Brandi needs to take notes from Ms. Pinckney on how to successfully pull off a power suit.






All pictures from Google Images