One Week with the iPhone 11 Pro Max

What is longer: the name or the battery life?

Courtesy of Apple

Triple the camera, triple the size, and triple the price. This phone is the trinity of Apple’s conquest to upgrade battery life, accelerate processing speed, and diversify emojis. I ordered my iPhone when it released on September 13th at 8 AM, which is three hours later than the previous iPhone preorder times. I was ready at eight o’clock, but unfortunately Apple had other plans for me, as the preorder website was not functional until about 8:15. For a technology company based on precision, I found this rather obnoxious because I needed to study, but I guess Apple was just staying loyal to its brand. When my phone arrived, I immediately noticed something was amiss as the iconic white packaging box had turned black, in an homage to the OG iPhone 4, I think. I was shocked and excited for the contents inside.

When I opened the box, I was greatly surprised to hear cherubic melodies resonating throughout the room and to see a golden light pouring out of the box. Stevie J himself even materialized to bear witness to the moment. Yeah, you heard that right. Matte black, sleek, and triple camera-ified, the new iPhone was here.

One week later – I like the iPhone 11 Pro more and more with each passing day. Coming from a four year old iPhone 6 with a broken camera and a shattered screen, this phone has been a huge life upgrade. The processing is lightning fast, and the facial recognition abilities are on fleek. Apple’s two main marketing points with this new phone were the battery life and the physical durability, which both do not disappoint. In terms of the battery life, my iPhone took three days to die for the first time with the battery already being at 75%. Yeah. Not to mention that it comes with an accelerated charging block that charges the iPhone completely in under an hour. That’s freaky fast and Jimmy John better watch his back. With the durability, I have not dropped it yet, but CNET reports that their test phones withstood drops from eleven feet without any cracks, which is exciting because I have always wanted to try phone pinching on the Ravenel Bridge lol.

The battery lasts all day”

— Simon Vaglienti

Now on to the topic that everyone wants to discuss: the three cameras. Personally, I was not crazy about the design choice at first, but now I have grown to like it. The top camera is the super wide camera that can capture images 50% farther out, the middle camera is the regular camera, and the bottom camera is the super zoom camera that can see Russia from Sarah Palin’s house. I have included three pictures below of my muse, George, from each of the three cameras. He is annoyed with me because I dragged him out of bed at two AM to do this, but hey that’s journalism baby!

Super Wide Camera
Regular Camera
Super Zoom Camera

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