How to be Tik Tok Famous

Ever wanted to be a social media influencer? The new app Tik Tok is the place to start.


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Some say Tik Tok is the new Vine which, in December of 2016, was shut down. Tik Tok was formerly known as before being bought out by a Chinese company and changing the name. The premise of Tik Tok is that you record a video and can choose sounds to go in the background or create your own sounds. In essence, it is the perfect combo between and Vine. The platform is basically the biggest trend of 2018 and spawned both Tik Tok influencers and memes. These are the trends you need to follow to become Tik Tok famous..

Trends you may have seen:

1. This is my voice ___ days on ___
The basic idea is to pick a person you want to sound like. Then, progressively sound more and more like that person as the days go on. This culminates in the final day/time period where you do an exact impression of the person. Common people to imitate are: Jojo Siwa, anime girls, Dora the Explorer, and regional accents.
Tik Tok

2. Why do good girls like bad guys?
A man enters frame in a nerdy, unfashionable outfit. Then as the song reaches the climax, the man changes his clothes into typical “bad boy” clothing and attempts to look as edgy and seductive as possible. Common poses/ maneuvers used to look attractive: biting lip, winking, running hands through hair, lifting up shirts to reveal stomach.

3.Hit or Miss Challenge
This challenge involves the Tik Tok-er singing along to Mia Khalifa’s hit song “iLOVEFRiDAY”. The lyrics sung are “Hit or miss/ I guess they never miss, huh/ You got a boyfriend, I bet he doesn’t kiss ya/ He gon’ find another girl and he won’t miss ya/ He gon’ skrrt and hit the dab like Wiz Khalifa”. The Tik Tok-ers are often women who dress in traditionally cute clothing, anime girl style clothing. This trend quickly became a hit meme for those looking to poke fun at the platform and its users.

4. Charlie XCX- boys
This is a simple challenge. The user simply matches up the “mario coin sound effect” with a boy winking. The videos typically involve multiple boys and they may be caught by surprise.

5.Don’t judge me/ oh you’re with her now?
In this challenge, the user tries their best to look conventionally unattractive as they mouth “Oh you’re with her now? I guess I’ll just have to show you what your missing”. Common ways to look “ugly” are: wearing glasses, drawing acne on your face, and having a middle part. Next, the user covers the camera before removing their hand to reveal themselves to now be conventionally attractive as they pose to look “hot”, while in reality they are often either young children or simply just average looking.

6.  Pretty boy swag
This challenge involves Soulja Boy’s earth shattering song, “Pretty Boy Swag”. The user poses and imitates an inanimate object. As the beat drops, the user is replaced with the image that they resembled with music growing louder. Common comparisons drawn: The user placing their arms and legs in a scoliosis inducing, crescent moon pose and then being replaced by a banana. Riveting.

7. Seeing the real age
In these Tik Toks, the users will choose a fictional character and look at pictures of them while visibly displaying their enjoyment of the appearance of said character. However, the twist occurs when the user googles the real age of the character to find that they are much older or younger than their initial thoughts. The user then expresses disgust and disappointment upon this discovery.

8. Switch challenge
This challenge uses the popular Drake song Nonstop.The user will go into their residential bathroom and turn on the electric light, invented in 1879 by Thomas Edison, once the bass of the song drops. The user then will be in a comical stance or costume of some sort, different from their original clothing. This will be a surprise to the viewer, often spurring feeling associated with comedy, like glee.

8. Tracer
In this song, the user utilizes the viral youtube song “No Mercy” as they duet with another user. The song describes a common conflict when playing the game “Overwatch”, released in 2016 by developer, Blizzard. The two users battle it out over which characters they would like to utilize during that specific round. The often male user declares their preference to play a certain character (i.e. the homosexual character, Tracer, the French assassin, Widowmaker, the sentient robot, Bastion (whom the other user declares they would prefer to limit the power of), the scientist gorilla, Winston, the robotic ninja, Genji, and lastly the outlaw, cowboy, McCree) and is then rebutted by the female user declaring that she is already presently occupying the character’s body. This trend has become a meme among users where the users will hold different household items and use them as controllers.

These are the simple trends you have to follow in order to become Tik Tok famous. Brand deals will come to you and the men/women will be swooning. If you want direct tips from someone who has already made it, talk to Tik Tok influencer and co-author of this article, Kate Kuisel.