Trump’s Long Lost Twin

Trump's Doppelganger


Her name is Delores Leis and she lives in the rural area of Galicia, Spain

The unusually colored blond-like hair, the sun tinted skin, the concentrated stare…. sound familiar?

A woman with an uncanny resemblance to President Donald Trump was recently discovered on Instagram. Her name is Delores Leis and she lives in the rural area of Galicia, Spain. In a recent post she stoically gazes upon her potato field with a garden hoe resting over her right shoulder. Her most identical features to our president, is her unique burnt-blonde hair color and suntanned skin. Delores has quickly become a celebrity in both the United States and Spain.

The photo was posted by Paula Vazquez (whose instagram tag is @trintadenovembro), a reporter in Spain who snapped a picture of Delores working on her farm. Apparently when Vazquez initially posted the photo, she didn’t notice the resemblance. It wasn’t until comments started rolling in that she realized the starting similarities.


  • hair color
  • skin
  • facial expressions
  • motivation
  • work ethic


  • gender
  • country
  • view on social media
  • sense of fashion
  • city boy vs. country girl

It is ironic that Delores was discovered on Social Media and is compared to our infamous President, as she is a modest farm woman who doesn’t use a cell phone. However, despite her humble appearance she is proud to be actively involved in U.S. policy and international issues. All in all, she seems to be uninterested in her media fame, which is not surprising considering she is being recognized for looking like a female Trump.

Funny comments on the post:

  • “Can we replace Trump with this hard working lady?”
  • “Trump and his hoe”
  • “She looks more like Donald Trump than Donald Trump himself”
  • “Poor woman”
  • “Make Agriculture Great Again”

Conspiracies include that Trump was in disguise to escape Whitehouse pressures, and Delores is Trump’s long lost relative. Investigations of Trumps ancestry have been made to see if Trump and this lady share any true relation. However, no substantial edvidece has been discovered

I asked some friends in my newspaper class if they thought the image reminded them of someone, and here is what what said:

Daniel Lehman- “I think it does look like Trump- the resemblance is striking”

Chase Michelson- “She looks like she needs to use the bathroom”

Hannah Smith- “It looks like Donald Trump’s sister”

Memes have infiltrated Social Media outlets like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I highly recommend searching #senoratrump for your amusement if you ever get bored.