How to Ace AP Exams

A last minute guide to testing with success.


With AP exam season coming just around the corner, (a.k.a. 1 week away), I know many students are beginning to panic and stress about their approaching tests. Never fear, I have compiled a list of steps to take to help guarantee a 5 on all your exams.

The week before the tests….

1.) Make notecards.

  • Gather all your outlines and notes from the year and try to compile some key terms to remember the courses by. Then head to your closest office depo and buy some notecards. Bring them home and begin to copy the terms down on alternating sides. Viola! The perfect study tool.

2.) Purchase the AP Barron’s books for your classes.

  • Go on amazon or visit Barnes and Nobles to pick up your comprehensive guide of everything you need to know for all of your classes. Bring them home, flip through it and maybe take some practice tests, this is probably the easiest way to make sure that you pass the test.

3.) Talk to your teachers.

  • Don’t be afraid to visit with your teachers to ask them for any advice they have that could help you pass the exams.

The night before the tests…

1.)Go to bed early the night before.

  • The night before your exams drink a warm cup of tea, tuck yourself into bed, and try to stay off your electronics to ensure that you are getting all the beauty rest you can.

2.) Lay out all your essentials the night before.

  • In order to prevent morning rush which can be stressful and distracting to future test takers, take some time in the morning to get your stuff ready for the next day. Lay out pencils, calculators, pens, snacks, erasers, a water-bottle, and any other items you may need to be successful the next day.

3.)Wake up Ten Minutes Early.

  • The day of your test is the absolute last day you would want to be late. Try to leave for school a little earlier as well just so that you can avoid be caught up in any potential traffic. When you get to school, get to your room quickly and take some deep breaths. Mentally prepare yourself for the test ahead.

Above all remember to clear your head and go into the test calm and collected that way you can do your very best. Also never forget that AP exams are not the most important factor in your success and failing them is not the end of the world.