Weekly Horoscope

Your horoscope for the week of February 25th.


The signs and constellations are guiding us to self actualization!

Welcome back star gazers! This week we are peering into the Milky Way and doing some much needed soul searching. Also, feel liberated by the Mojo Moon which is expected to rise on Thursday. Keep in mind your inner zen as we gear up for this week together.


It is time for a change, Aries. You’re ready to experience a new culture, maybe take a dip in Tahiti’s Faarumai Waterfall to immerse yourself in global perspective. This week is perfect to turn those abstract ideas and plans into something more concrete. You are in a rut and have not been able to grow in your current position. The stars are calling you to explore, reach out to new regions, and make a change in your environment.


Let your ambition guide you this week. You’ve been following the lead of your peers for far too long, it’s time to go with your heart. We noticed an eclipse moving into your orbit this week, which means you will be lost in the dark. Don’t worry because your dreams and goals will act as a light that will guide you back to self-happiness and self-satisfaction. We suggest that you focus on your aspirations and things will fall back into place.


You and your partner are feeling the forces of the Breakup Comet. This week, you’ll have to decide to either fight or flight. By this we mean that you will choose to fight through your differences or run from your responsibilities. Although you feel helpless, trust in your friends for guidance. The stars are encouraging you to seek a greater perspective on your relationship. You may find this perspective through meditation, yoga, or aromatherapy.


Treat yourself this week, Queen! Buy that outfit you’ve been eyeing up. Go get a manicure. Grab some breakfast from that overly priced cafe. Book a flight to Aruba. This is your time to appreciate yourself and splurge. You’re in the limelight, so take advantage of this opportunity and work on reaching out to broken relationships. You’ll find yourself more able to relax with the weight of a broken relationship off your shoulders.


You’re going to feel the burn of Tension Planet in your romantic relationship and your friendships this week. You may want to reconsider discussing controversial topics, such as finances or prom, because you’re treading on thin ice. You’re going to have a difficult time cooperating with others and this will lead to feelings of insecurity and frustration. To overcome these obstacles, look to the stars, as they will guide you home.


Focus! Slow down! Take a break! You’ve been pressured by responsibilities and you’ve been in the habit of rushing to get everything done. There’s only so much stress your body can take in one day, so do yourself a favor and enter an environment of relaxation. We suggest you work on time management and prioritizing. You should channel your high-stress energy into more productive avenues, such as self-fulfillment and self-confidence.


You’ve fallen off the wagon. You’ve gotten out of your workout routine. Everyone gets busy and it’s easy to lose track of your health and fitness. So this week, jump back into your workout routine and focus on your physical and mental health. Try detoxing from all the carbs and negativity and you are bound to experience happiness and fulfillment. Get your glow back!


You have been at odds with your closest friends. You’ve been clashing due to differing ideas and mentalities. However, this is preventing you from reaching your goals and ambitions. In order to make it work, you need to clear your mind of argumentative thoughts and try having a conversation. It will be challenging, but worth it to have your glam squad back. Trust in the stars!


You’ve had a complete lack of vision, Sagittarius. Things that are normally very clear to you have been completely blurred. Maybe this is because of stress or toxic relationships. This may be the week for change. The Clarity Comet is encouraging you to cut out those who are bringing negativity to your life and obstructing your path to happiness. Also, remember that you come first because you are royalty!


Someone will wreck into your life this week. You are prided on your realism and self-understanding. This person will come into world and jeopardize your stability. Because you have a grasp on the real world, it will be difficult to compromise with this seemingly immature person. Don’t fret! Your incredible communication skills and ability to empathize will allow you to overcome this threatening obstacle. You can do it!


You’ve been stressing about the future, Aquarius. Reflect on the inspiring 7th grade phrase: YOLO. Remember that life needs to be lived in the moment sometimes. If you live by this philosophy, then your social life will flourish like never before. However, be wary not to succumb to peer pressure and don’t become reckless with your actions. Lead into this week with passion and vigor.


You’ve been keeping quite a few secrets recently. This has been negatively impacting your inner voice. Try to be more open in your relationships and try not to hold everything inside. Get more involved with others. We suggest you accept that party invitation and go out with your squad! Reach deeper into your social connections and you’ll flourish mentally. Your emotions will thank you.

The stars are guiding us to clarity and happiness. Let’s tackle this week together. We can do this, Queens!