How to keep fit during the holidays?

Everyone knows that trying to actually do some physical activity and fitness during your vacation time is something that normally don’t happen, but even if is hard for us we should try to keep our routine going and there are many ways that you can sneak  in a workout without losing a lot of your free time. Here are some things you can do to reorganize your usual workout:

1.Reset your expectations and don’t be too hard on yourself: Probably you won’t be able to keep the same routine as on your normal week and there isn’t anything wrong with that; you are on your vacation time so enjoy your free time with your family and friends and don’t stress out with giving a 100 percent.

2. Plan your training and set your goals: This includes doing your homework and investigating possible fun options to keep you active if you are staying home or travelling to other cities. Also get used to scheduling out your weeks of training surrounding future travel plans. Plan your goals for each day and try to stick to them; they don’t have to be big goals just something like a 15 min workout would be perfect. Finally, try to  workout early in the morning. “This way you will have all the rest of your day to relax and enjoy your free time and try to recruit a training partner.

3. Take some steps: Walking is a low-impact activity that offers limited strain, making it great for everyone in the family. Try to walk a certain number of steps per day, park away from where you want to go and walk or schedule a day for a hike in a park  near you and enjoy and explore the natural beauty around you.

4. Get adventurous: Try a new sport, rent a bike, go kayaking, or go surfing and if you don’t know how to do it most of the rental shops also offer lessons.