Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


A Girls Guide to Prom

Prom is on the horizon, so lets get into some tips and tricks on how to survive prom 2024!!!

Year after year prom is a constant worry for upperclassmen, especially during the second semester. It is safe to say that the worry for those looking for certain prom components sets in the day after semi-formal. Now prom has been important for quite some time. I mean if you walk in Ms. Orr’s room you will see the path we all take in high school: the journey. Only the most important parts of Magnet years and events make it there and one is prom. So here is my guide on how to tackle prom. 

Information you need to know:

The prom will be hosted on April 13th at the Wonderer. It will be open from 7:30 to 11:00 so make sure you don’t get there too late or too early. The address is 1705 Meeting Street Rd Charleston, SC 29405.

Tips and Tricks for Prom

I am probably not the most informed person out there on prom, but I have good knowledge of the inner workings of prom and how to prepare for it. I view prom as an a la carte meal. There are certain things you need to have to get through the night, but you can add to it to create an experience you will like.  I like to balance easy and affordable ways to make a night or weekend how I want it to be. The best way to go about this is by dividing it into sections, with your baseline needs and then extras you might want to add on!


You can not enjoy prom if you do not have a method of arrival and departure. Now this is a subject where the possibilities can range on what you and your friends want. If you are going solo, or with a small group, then I recommend having someone drive a car. You could either have a parent or other friend drop you off and pick you up later, or you could leave your car in the parking lot so you have easy access to escape if prom is getting too much for you. Either option is great and affordable. If you have a larger group you will be going to prom with, then you will have to discuss this plan, but the options do range. You can do something similar to this first idea with people who are driving and just divide the group up into different cars, but if you want to stay together the whole time then the option of a prom or party bus can be a possibility. 

Now prom buses are great if you have any group size and just want to hang together on the way to and from prom. It gets rid of the issue of who drives and creates a really fun environment to transition from before-prom activities to the fun and bustle of the actual dance. Prom buses can also be rented for a set time, so if you want them to drive you all around then it is a perfect option. I mean, all you have to do is to rent it from five o’clock to midnight and you can make stops where you need to go. The actual stops you make or drop-offs typically have to be given before the date of prom, but this does vary with whatever company you are using. You also want to look into who you book with because some companies need an adult over 21 to be on the bus which can become an issue if parents do not want to join the festivities the bus creates. Also, it would be great if you create a collaborative playlist for the bus itself to make a listening experience that all can enjoy, or at least the majority can. The process of setting up music is also a bit more difficult than you would think, so having one person whose phone is continuously connected makes the setup a bit easier.  Now, the biggest con to the prom bus is the cost. The bus cost will vary depending on the size and time you need the bus. Hourly rates can range from $100s to $300s range. Now the divided up the cost becomes a bit more palatable, but it will still be more expensive than if you just drive. In the past, it has typically been about $50 per person in my experience. When my friends and I booked the 38 or so-person bus for five hours, that was the divided outcome. 

You also want to look into who you book with because some companies need an adult over 21 to be on the bus which can become an issue if parents do not want to join the festivities the bus creates.

Us in the prom bus on the way back from prom. Food here is a necessity!!!


Figuring out transportation is a HUGE deal, so I would highly recommend having that sorted out sooner rather than later, especially if you are in the market for a prom bus because they can book pretty quickly. You should also note that the night of Magnet prom is also the same as Bishop England, West Ashley, and Phillip Simmons prom, so it will be a busy night. Now any option listed is great and if you have something different that works for you, that is great. Do remember that prom will be hosted at The Wonderer which is located at 1705 Meeting Street Rd Charleston, SC 29405


Clothing and Shoes

For those interested in wearing suits or any other deviation of that, I will try my best to be of aid, but this is not my specialty. Prom is formal so you should dress to impress. Getting a suit in order can be tricky so try and figure out what you will be doing some time before. If you want to match your date, if you have one, then the perfect way to do so is with a tie or bowtie. This is a stylistic choice that is up to you. Some colors are a bit better to try and match than others. For example, my semi-date decided to match my orange and pink dress, and I think that it was an interesting-looking specimen of fabric. No picture will be included because I do not want said tie to haunt me in my future endeavors!! Again this whole situation and process is up to you, but getting it figured out the sooner will be the better in this case. 

If you are planning on wearing a dress or romper, I beg of you to at least start looking for one. As a person who always struggles with dressing for dances, you need to get this figured out as soon as possible to create a better experience for prom. Not having your dress in the weeks leading up to prom will make everything a lot more stressful as you already have a lot to tackle at that certain period in time. Also, prom dresses do sell out. I spent countless hours of my life on Revolve last year so I can fully attest to the lack of dresses available as soon as prom season approaches. For some good advice on prom dresses, I would look at the article by Suzanna Carlsten, which offers countless options and ideas if you happen to be struggling in your search. If you are buying heels or any other shoe I wouldn’t recommend spending too much money on them, but getting shoes that are comfortable for you is extremely important to make the night a bit better. Overall this area will set you back a decent amount of money, but finding a dress you like on sale or even making a dress is one way to save a little money. Also do keep in mind that with long formal dresses length and fit become an issue that will need to be addressed. If you have amazing sewing skills then you could try and tackle this alone, but unless you are extremely skilled, I would recommend sending the dress or romper to a tailor to make alterations. This process takes time and money so once again I reiterate that having your outfit at least a few weeks before prom is important so these fixes can be made and not have to be expedited, which is not cheap. Again everything said here is just my personal opinion, so do keep that in mind while trying to figure out what you will do.

The adorable cat of the lady who did my dress alterations!

Before Prom

In the hours before prom there are quite a few things you probably should do. Eating and taking photos tend to be the things that I prioritize the most as you are preparing to go to prom. Food is extremely important as dancing and partying on an empty stomach are not recommended. To combat this issue, one should look into going to dinner before. This can be at a restaurant or a friend’s house, or if you have a large group of friends, then event spaces are good to use. If you are getting a Prom house then that would solve any issue there. Prom is a time when you are all dressed up and looking your best, so pictures are something that tends to happen in these circumstances. I mean the effort wouldn’t feel worth it if you did not have some sort of photo to commemorate the event. Honestly, pictures can be taken anywhere with anyone. I think the before prom time is the best because the sweat and dancing have not happened yet and people are still in great spirits. Also, I think that photos taken in front of the water or with the sunset in the background are the prettiest. Once again that is just my opinion, so no need to go hunting for the water and sunset combination. It is also a great way to just get everyone together and in the right mood for prom. Also makes the driving situation a bit more organized as everyone would be leaving from the same place. And if parents want to take pictures, which they probably will, this is a great time to have them come in and go crazy while you are not too tired. 

I won’t breach the subject of getting ready for prom as it is honestly not very important how you do it. I mean in the past I’ve found that getting ready with your friends is just a bit more enjoyable and fun as the hectic nature of everything can get you excited for what’s to come. If you don’t do this then it won’t make the experience any more different than with this change. 

My friends’ dresses while getting ready for prom!

Nails and Tan

These little additions are up to you and what you are comfortable with. Getting your nails done is not cheap but it can make your prom look a bit more put together. Also, I just find the experience to be fun. For prom or any instance in life, you do not have to change your appearance to look better, especially changing your skin tone temporarily. If you want to tan then your preparations can start with spring break, which is two weeks before, make sure to wear sunscreen, or you can get some form of fake tan.  This can be by self-tan or spray, either way, this option has its risks with it being splotchy or the wrong color, but typically this method works well for an instance where you don’t have the time or ability to tan for a week in the sun. Oh, I do miss the sun. Spray tans are typically 24 to 50 dollars, whereas a bottle of fake tan can range in price. 

Be wary of who you trust with your nail beds
Me getting ready for semi this year!!!


After Prom

I like to hang out with my friends after prom. The bustle of prom becomes a bit too much for us to handle, which is why we like a change of scenery. Post-prom parties are always a blast, but not necessary to have a fun prom experience. The after also creates a more intimate gathering which sometimes makes these situations a bit better, also having something to eat after the dance is great. I love a late-night munch on pizza or even a sweet treat. Also continuing the post-prom party with a post-prom and prom party sleepover is a big recommendation from me. I mean who doesn’t want to cozy up with your friends as it reaches everyone’s bedtime? Plus it’s a blast to just have those late-night talks with everyone when it reaches the witching hours. 


Good luck on prom this year everyone!! Hope this article was able to help!

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