Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


The Queen of Halloween

The season of Heidi Halloween!

Heidi Klum is a German-American model and television host. Most people may know her as a host on America’s Got Talent, but during the spooky season, Klum fully absorbs herself into the mood of the season. She truly is the “Queen of Halloween” and here is why…

Side Note: We decided to name each year’s costume ourselves.



2023: “The Egg”


Heidi Klum has wowed audiences with another phenomenal, show stopping Halloween costume. This year she rolled into her party with a crew from Cirque du Soleil who acted as the feathers of her costume. To make the costume even better, her husband, Tom Kaulitz, dressed up as an egg.

When I showed Dr. Cassidy Heidi Klum’s costume for 2023, her response was one full of admiration and she informed me that she has “always wanted to be an egg”, but never knew how one would get into the costume. This made me wonder how Hiedi Klum’s husband got into his egg. Was he sealed in and then cracked open?

When asked to make a comment on Heidi Halloween this year, one student said “If it’s about the darn egg.” Let’s just say, we were silenced…and there are no further comments for this costume.



2022: “There’s so many worms, I don’t even know what to say. Floppy?”

With the restrictions from COVID-19 coming to a close, Heidi was able to host her famous annual Halloween party again. Personally, I found this year’s costume to be the most shocking of all of her looks, seeing as she came as “a cute, little rain worm” (her words) while her husband went as a fisherman. Her husband’s costume had a spooky twist with a prosthetic eye, intended to appear as though the fishing hook caught his eye instead of a fish. I am really curious to understand what goes through her brain when she decides on some of the costumes. How does one decide “I want to be a rain worm for Halloween”? Nonetheless, the devotion to this costume is astounding and I can’t wait to see what she will surprise us with in the future. Hopefully, she channels this same energy.

“This was honestly one of the best costumes I’ve ever seen. I’ve never been so excited over a costume before. The costume was so genius and I think I watched her interview like every day for a week just to see her lying on the ground, flopping around like a worm. This worm costume is something I’ll always laugh at when I see it.” – Anonymous 


“It’s horrifying, which is part of Halloween, I guess. I personally would never think about doing that” (Manning, 12). I think Holly was trying to save herself after her immediate reaction was to gag.


2021: “Dramatic Much?”

Honestly, there’s not much to say about this year’s costume. Heidi went with more of a classic, as she dressed up as a zombie. Not one of her best, but not one of her worst either. She still kills it by really committing to making the costume authentic and does not hold back in her photoshoot. Unfortunately, there was no Halloween party this year due to the pandemic. RIP indeed. Oh, now I see the humor behind her costume choice for this year, if there is any. Or maybe she really just wanted to be a zombie, who knows?


2020: “The Toilet Paper Shortage”

Paying homage to Miss Rona, Heidi and her family decided to dress up as mummies, though it is unclear if it was in satire for the toilet paper shortage (we think so). Or maybe she is one of the reasons why it happened…Not much left to say about this costume either, except that they look like they’d work in a haunted house, and I have to admit, I’d be terrified. This gang was definitely up to something before they became the undead.


2019: “Yikes, what happened here? ‘OH MY GOD’”

One word: yikes! I’m gonna be real, this one is really tough to look at. It doesn’t even look like an alien, or I guess not a stereotypical one like we’d expect. Heidi usually stuns with her costumes but this year’s might have been one of her worst…At least her entrance and costume story were good though. Her husband Tom dressed as a bloodied astronaut who claimed to have found Heidi while on one of his space explorations and just had to bring her back. Aww, how sweet right…right? However, I will give props to Heidi for the effort she put into this costume. She spent 10 hours putting on all her prosthetics and makeup and did it all while standing at her hotel window so fans and paparazzi could see from the street. Isn’t she just the gift that keeps on giving?


“This one is actually disgusting” -Anonymous


2018: “It’s giving ‘phee phi pho klum’”

I think one of my favorite parts about this costume is the fact that Heidi and Tom, who dressed up as Shrek, pulled up to the party in an onion carriage. This costume appears to be one of the most drastic transformations. I couldn’t even tell it was Heidi. When interviewed about her costume this year, Heidi exclaimed how she had always wanted to dress as Fiona, but could never find someone to be the Shrek to her Fiona (shoutout Seal…and thank you very much Tom). If there is ever to be a live action Shrek, and no, not the musical, I hope they call on Heidi for the role of Fiona.


2017: “Contemporary Furry”

Is this Heidi Klum or Michael Jackson or my neighbor’s feral “dog”? One would not be able to tell the difference. Covered in prosthetics with the horns, whiskers, teeth, a wig, and even a werewolf chest, Heidi came fully devoted to honoring Michael Jackson. She even had some zombie goons to accompany her! Not only did she dress as the werewolf version of Michael Jackson, she also performed the iconic thriller dance. Talk about commitment…

I would like to mention that, although this costume is phenomenal, I can’t help but think that the length of the horns makes the costume bear a resemblance to Krampus. In addition, “Thriller” now holds a bit of a ‘trauma-inducing’ spot in my brain after reviewing it with Wilson Swenson earlier this fall season.


2016: “I Think I Need Lasik Surgery Right Now. Klum Klones.”

Heidi on Heidi on Heidi on Heidi on Heidi on Heidi! Which one is the real Heidi? I can’t tell! Actually, I can. The differences were very clear, but props for trying. The similarities between the “Klum Klones” is uncanny. Alas, they do not bear as much of a resemblance to the original as they do to themselves. No matter how much and far you search, you could never find another who matches the German-American model’s signature shine. Not even the best of the best could replicate her look without appearing botched. Although not as drastic as some of her other costumes, she still showed up in a unique and creative costume. The attire appears to be a slight homage to her modeling days…or maybe I’m reaching.


2015: “Guys, I Didn’t Get Surgery. I SWEAR!”

Wowie!! 🐇 This is by far the craziest costume Klum has transformed into. In an interview with People Magazine, where she reviewed all of her past costumes, Klum told the interviewer that this was the most painful costume to apply and remove due to the extensive prosthetics everywhere. It apparently took her 2 hours to remove and according to Klum, “It is like nail polish remover. You remove the prosthetics little by little.” I don’t really know what nail polish remover she is using 🤷‍♀️. But you know what they say…beauty is pain. This is definitely one of her best costumes by far. 

Personal Opinion: She really channeled her inner Kardashian!


2014: “NYC Tourist Trap”

Assuming the background of this photo is Times Square, Heidi perfectly fits in with the setting with her chaotic and colorful costume. This one is a bit confusing and not one of her best, as she looks like a street performer trying to scam tourists with her dazzling wings. However, I will applaud her for really committing to the costume instead of trying to dress as a cute and simple butterfly, as most would. The wings were handpainted by the same people who do the Victoria’s Secret angel wings. While recapping her past costumes in a video with “People Magazine”, Klum said that, in order to make the eyes have their reflective, bug-like appearance, there were batteries placed on either side of her eyes. I can’t help but wonder how safe that is.

In an interview for E! News, Heidi notes that it took her five hours to complete this costume before she had to fly straight to her iconic annual Halloween party. Heidi also adds that her kids were confused if it was really their mom inside the costume as they asked “Are you really in there Mama?”


2013: “I guess the anti-aging did not work”

Heidi notes that out of all her costumes, this one was the only one that truly scared her kids. And I would have to agree. This year’s costume is quite frightening as Heidi stated that she just really wanted to see what she’d look like when she got older. Hopefully, this is not foreshadowing…Nonetheless, I think Heidi would be much better dressed when she’s older, as she is the owner of her own fashion brand and is literally a supermodel. This year Heidi also made it a point to note that she hates costumes that are just “thrown together” and takes Halloween “very seriously.” She wants the guests at her Halloween parties to be unrecognizable. If it doesn’t take her a moment to realize that it’s you, then you’ve clearly not committed to the costume enough. How disappointing…


“She honestly doesn’t look too bad. I’ve seen scarier older people, who are not wearing prosthetics.” – Anonymous


2011: “Seal in his true form”

This is second worst only to the 2019 alien costume. For some reason I am deeply disturbed by the appearance of this costume. I think it may be the extensive amount of hair. However, I would like to point out that although Seal refused to be Shrek with Klum, he agreed to being an ape covered in hair from head to toe. Curious…maybe it just felt like home for him?


2011: “Mr. McCormick Core”

I am a little confused about what Heidi is supposed to be. Some sources are calling this costume “a dead body,” and others are calling it an “anatomy painting.” I’m leaning toward her costume being a depiction of the human anatomy. Again, my favorite part of this costume was her entertaining entrance. She was rolled in on a gurney by 2 people dressed as doctors. Although it was not super climatic or dramatic, it was still interesting and suspenseful, in its own special way of course. And wow! Look at those abs! Drop the workout routine. Honestly, I would not be surprised if this was a depiction of Heidi’s own body, as she is known to be very active. Per Women’s Health magazine, “Klum would swim ‘20 laps a day’ and considered herself lucky to have a pool and a spacious garden to sustain her at-home workouts.” What an icon.


Whether she’s on the runway, hitting golden buzzers, or wearing outrageous Halloween costumes, Heidi rocks every look she wears and while we unfortunately were not able to review all of her past costumes, we can’t wait to see what she’ll do next year and the years to come! Will it be mind-blowing, entertaining, and iconic? Or will it be creepily disturbing to the point where Holly Manning wants to throw up? And let’s not forget Tom, will he simply be an accessory or will he get a main character moment of his own?

Leave your predictions in the comments. 

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  • J

    jilla snowDec 5, 2023 at 3:14 pm

    I LOVED Heidi’s worm costume from last year. I feel it didn’t get enough rep and I’m so glad this article gave a little spotlight to it. The commentary made me laugh out loud!!!