Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Best NFL Commercials of the Season

What is your favorite?

In a world where the very same football players you see on any given Sunday are the same actors and stars we see in the commercials during the game, we are provided with some pretty funny and inventive ideas to promote products. Now, with the NFL season in full effect many people are looking forward to the playoffs and eventually the Super Bowl to come. If you are anything like my mom, you may “watch the Super Bowl for the commercials” but if not you still can’t help from noticing these funny and wacky advertisments. Even though the Super Bowl is 100 days away we have already been treated to some memorable commercials this year. 

The Challenge Flag 

In football, the challenge flag represents a missed call from the referees, or at least that the coach thinks there was one.

Well in this hit Progressive commercial it is no different; a typical situation will be had, and in steps the Progressive insurance team, led by the star of the show, Flo. They “challenge” the situation and after being reviewed by the refs, it makes for some pretty awkward and funny situations.  



Mahomes, Jake, and Andy

For many football fanatics, we are pretty up to date with the insurance companies, after all, they all seem to use Sunday’s viewership to gain clientele. In the case of State Farm, it is no different. Patrick Mahomes, often referred to as the best player in the league, takes part in just about every State Farm commercial that airs today. With so many made it is hard to choose a favorite, but for me, the one pictured below takes the cake before Andy can.

Mahomes and Jake have the pleasure or displeasure of explaining to coach Reid how State Farm bundles home and auto with fast food props. Coach Reid ends up not really grasping the whole concept but he got some fries and chicken nuggets. Overall the commercial was a good time, and featured two very popular current icons of the National Football League. 




With many different insurance companies competing to get your business, there are many more commercials involving players such as Justin Herbert, Rob Gronkowski, and more. 

Draft Kings

Draft Kings, an online sports book betting company, features the beloved Ryan Fitzpatrick in one of their most popular commercials. Comedy takes center stage in the commercial when describing the numerous teams that a user can bet on using the app, Fitzpatrick just ends up listing all the teams he played for. Fitzpatrick, a very talented quarterback at one point, eventually became a fill-in player and was a part of 9 different teams during his whole career, the most in the National Football League. Due to this, the commercial comes off as witty and ultimately accomplishes its goal of presenting the endless number of bets on the site. 

Lowe’s Home Improvement

What is better than football and getting some good work done around the house?

Lowes echoed this thought as they have a commercial that features star running back Christian McCaffery and tight end Travis Kelce. As most commercials do, they incorporate comedy into the commercial and really let the personalities of both stars shine through. 

While we wait for the hilarious and very recognizable Super Bowl commercials, these commercials keep us intrigued during those dreaded breaks from the game!

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