Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Podcasting: What should you queue up next?

That ETA seems a whole lot closer with a podcast playing.

Can just anyone make a podcast? In the growing technological world, it seems like there are an excess of people with microphones.  But nevertheless a good podcast is essential for a perfect car ride during those inevitable music funks. The podcasting world can be scary to dip your toes into, so I decided to take a deep dive into the world of podcasts and pull out some of my personal favorites to help you navigate the overwhelming amount of options.


Just for Girls

Slightly under-the-radar, but perfectly rated. If you are looking for some new influencer’s to follow, check out Sam Guggenheimer and Izzy Armitage.  These two Australians make for a good podcast for a carefree morning ride to school.  They usually focus on the happenings in their lives and some it-girl drama, but the Aussie accents make nearly all of it entertaining. I stumbled upon the Just for Girls Instagram right before the release date and I’m proud to say I am a day-one listener.  It has skyrocketed to my number one podcast on Spotify since then and I’m guessing once you dabble in the micro-influencer listening scene you’ll see the same.

Two for One

“A podcast has to be riveting and life-changing for me to listen”

— Chloe Carlsten (12)

We’re hopping across the pond for this podcast from another set of foreigners.  This UK duo was also an Instagram find off the explore page.  The aesthetic nature of the influencers pulled me in, I was the influenced.  It’s a very similar to Just for Girls, as it is two girls (Chloe Frater and Emma Jean Clarke) talking about light hearted current events, and it makes for a solid podcast to listen to.  Although it is a newer find, I am eagerly waiting on the edge of my seat for the duo to come out with a season 3.

True Crime


Serial Productions is the best of the best when it comes to well developed, in depth podcasts.  I applaud the network on their ability to draft a podcast that feels very authentic.  This is my dad and I’s go to network on road trips, and our first taste of Serial Productions was S-Town.  It’s a look into the happenings of an Alabama town and host, Brian Reed, does a fantastic job of making it interesting and captivating.  Never once pressed pause.

The Retrievals

Serial Productions does it again.  I recently listened to this podcast and it left me both shocked and saddened by the events at Yale’s fertility clinic. The format is very similar to that of S-Town, which is testimonials sprinkled into the host’s reporting.  And boy does it hold your attention.  Start this one with some time to spare cause this story will suck you in.



Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes have really dominated the scene with their podcast, Smartless.  Sutton Meyer (12) told me to add that “it’s hilarious.” What began as a quarantine project has blossomed into one of the world’s top podcasts.  I, like I assume of many other listeners, am an Arrested Development fan. I heard that Will Arnett and Jason Bateman had started a podcast, so a play button was pressed and I was hooked. Their celebrity connections bring high caliber guests to every episode. This trio bounces off of each other and their chemistry has boosted them to performing their podcast live. So listen in- I recommend the Zach Galifianakis episode, 10/10.

The Joe Rogan Experience

He’s the podcaster of all podcasters and it truly is an experience.  Joe Rogan remains at the number one spot for Spotify podcasts.  His ability to get famous guests no bounds, a personal favorite being Theo Von (a comedian with his own podcast This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von).  Joe Rogan’s podcast has a certain appeal and I don’t see him being dethroned any time soon. Well done.


New Heights

I admittedly have not listened a full episode of this podcast (I’m definitely in the minority as its #3 on Spotify) but Addie Hanna (12) encouraged its inclusion in this article. She “listens to sports stuff.” It is a podcast hosted by brothers Jason and Travis Kelce.  Both of them made it big in the NFL, Jason plays for the Eagles and Travis for the Chiefs.  I am sure this podcast has many original fans but I would attribute its boost in popularity to the recent buzz around Taylor Swift and Travis.  Nevertheless, they have kept the drama out of it and focus on the football.


anything goes with emma chamberlain

While she once started as an up and coming youtuber, Emma Chamberlain has really moved her way up in the entertainment world. Her podcast doesn’t follow a strict outline but, instead, is more like a conversation.  She usually records from the comfort of her bed which translates to a personal listening experience.  She’s famous for a reason and her podcasts only validates her online personality. It’s more of a low key podcast which might not cut it for Chloe Carlsten (12) who says “a podcast has to be riveting and life-changing for me to listen” but it does the trick for many as its number 21 overall on the Spotify Podcast Charts.


I’ll say it. Tana Mongeau is funny.  Sue me.  I found her through Jeff Wittek’s podcast, Jeff FM, of which I am an avid listener. As I never downloaded TikTok (I stand by Instagram Reels), I had not heard of Tana Mongeau until she appeared on the screen with Jeff. But I was quickly converted into a fan. Along with co-host Brooke Schofield, Tana Mongeau makes Cancelled the perfect podcast for some easy laughs.

What Not To Listen To

National Public Radio

Especially while driving. My mom made her brother listen to NPR and they ended up in a wreck because he fell asleep at the wheel. So, if you’re headed on a road trip, save the NPR for the evening radio once you’ve arrived at your destination.


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