Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


An Unhinged VMA Outfit Review

What did our favorite celebrities wear to the VMA’s this year?

It’s that time of year again. Award season is back! With award season comes the chaos of the red carpets. Unfortunately, as the years go on, the red carpet looks seem to become more and more outrageous. I would just like to preface that this review is not a critique of the person, but of their outfit. Now, let’s see what this year’s VMAs have to offer…




Demi Lovato:





This wasn’t the worst outfit on the carpet this year, but something about it is rubbing me the wrong way. It reminds me of an oversized, boxy Matrix outfit. However, I do like the simplistic face makeup with the rockstar, grunge style eye makeup. As a whole, and in comparison to the other outfits, I would give this look a 5.3/10.








Rita Ora: 





This is a very Morticia Adamms inspired outfit. It feels a little out of place since many other artists came with very little coverage from their “dresses”. I like the idea of the dress but the sleeves are freaking me out. In addition, I am not particularly fond of the shoe choice. It is too clunky and out of place with the vibe of the dress. (4/10)








Sabrina Carpenter:





I actually really love this look. When I first saw this photo, I immediately thought that she looked angelic. However, upon further inspection, I couldn’t help but think that the dress looked an awful lot like a curtain. Despite that, I still think that this was one of the best looks of the night. Sabrina Carpenter looks absolutely stunning. (8.5/10)







Shannon and Jared Leto:




I always find myself puzzled and slightly disturbed by Jared Leto’s red carpet looks. Despite that, this look seems to be one of his least weird outfits. The clothing items themselves are actually the most normal of the entire appearance. The sunglasses seem “alien-like”, the necklace is like a prisoner shock collar, and the shoes…I can’t find words to describe the shoes. I at first thought that he was wearing wide leg pants that covered a part of the shoe, however, upon closer inspection, I discovered that the shoes are actually knee high boots. This made it even worse. Anyway, Shannon Leto’s appears normal and I actually like it. It is simple with a distinct style. Overall, I would give Shannon Leto’s outfit a 6/10 and Jared Leto’s outfit a 3.2/10.










I think that fellow A&E writer and senior, Alexa Conlon, explains these outfits perfectly. She immediately saw this photo and asked, “Why did they go to the Salvation Army and pick out every suit that was 10x bigger than they are and then decided it was a look?” I can’t help but agree. (3.9/10)









Upon researching, I found that Jimbo is a drag queen and designer, but this headpiece is just not it. Quite frankly, this outfit is criminal! The headpiece reminds me of the bones of a fish, which sounds gross, but it’s the only thing I can think of when I look it now. The dress is not awful, just reminds me of a fuzzball. (0.3/10)













This outfit immediately made me think of the Flintstone gummies that we all know from our childhood. Not only does it look weird and random, but it also seems annoying and uncomfortable. Please, I want an explanation for this decision by the stylist and artist. I would like to mention that the hair and makeup look gorgeous and is the only reason I am giving this a 2/10.







Taylor Swift:





Not only did she win everything that she was nominated for, but she also looks absolutely stunning. When does she not?! I love the simplicity of this dress, yet it still has such a beautifully unique look to it. The necklace, dress, hair, and shoes combined together seems like Taylor in her “Reputation” Era. This was by far my favorite outfit of the night. (10/10)








Selena Gomez:





I am so happy that Selena Gomez is coming back into the music industry. This look was stunning on her and reminded me of a red version of the DC Supervillain, “Poison Ivy”. However, I did find the skirt portion of the dress to be a little weird. It reminded me of the wall vines that were popular in 2020. I simply wish that the skirt of the dress was not just strings of vines, nonetheless, she still looks amazing. (7.2/10)








Olivia Rodrigo:





Olivia’s dress reminds me a lot of the Dua Lipa Barbie premiere dress. Is this another thing that she has ripped off from another artist? Despite her controversy, I do like her music, and more on point, I love this outfit. It is so simple, yet she looks absolutely stunning and elegant. The only jewelry she seems to be wearing is the GUTS ring that is featured on the cover of her new album “GUTS”. (7.4/10)








Sofia Carson:





This is yet another look that I just don’t understand. Is it a dress? Is it some weird jumpsuit? I DON’T KNOW! Also, what is up with the insane amount of sparkles and sequins on this red carpet? I unfortunately don’t have many positives opinions about this particular look of hers, except to say that the eye makeup is intriguing and simple, yet colorful. (1.2/10)













This reminded me so much of a banana, but make it plaid. None of it goes and it is not red carpet worthy. Granted, it is at an afterparty, so I guess it didn’t hit the carpet, but still. Also, is that a face on the shoe? There are just so many questions running through my mind right now in regards to this outfit. (2.1/10)








Chase Stokes:





I actually loved this outfit. It is super simple, but different than the basic tux that male celebrities often wear on carpets. I found it adorable that Stokes and his girlfriend Kelsea Ballerini were coordinating with the red in their outfits. (8.5/10)









Kelsea Ballerini:




I love this simple, clean red dress. It uses cutouts as its detailing instead of sparkle, random colors, or the most absurd accessories. My one complaint about this dress would be the train. I think that it is at an awkward length, especially for a smaller award show. Again, the coordination between Ballerini and Stokes plays a major role in why I enjoy their outfits so much. (6.7/10)










After reviewing all of these looks, and others that I didn’t have enough time to put into this article, I have come to the conclusion that the red carpet looks at this award show were completely and utterly UNHINGED. There were some looks that were simplistic and stunning, however, the only ones that seem to be predominantly sticking out in my head are the crazy, random ones. This does, however, make me excited for the upcoming award shows and what other crazy outfits are to come.





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