What Concerts to See this Year

A complete guide to live concerts happening in South Carolina


In recent years, Charleston has become a hotspot for more concerts and entertainment much to our delight. In the past we have hosted great concerts from artists such as Tyler the Creator and Elton John, but sometimes we are unaware of the concerts happening until the tickets are sold out. To help mitigate this, I have made a list of the concerts happening in South Carolina for the rest of the year. 

First up we have Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull in Columbia, South Carolina, on Wednesday, October 12th. This concert is part of his Can’t Stop Us Now tour and features Sean Paul and Iggy Azalea. Nosebleed tickets are starting at the very affordable price of $20 dollars and floor tickets are steeper at $50 dollars for the back and $200 dollars for the best seats. There are plenty of tickets available, so if you’re looking for a fun concert this October on a short notice, this is a great choice.

Next we have Stevie Nicks and Vanessa Carlton performing here in Charleston on Wednesday, October 19th. The Credit One Stadium will be hosting this concert making it a great choice for those who want to attend something very close. Unfortunately, most tickets that are still available are being sold through resale, meaning the ticket prices are more expensive. For a seat in the nosebleeds it will cost $114 dollars and floor tickets in the front row will cost a whopping $3,834 dollars each. This is a pretty ridiculous price for the average highschool student but if you love Stevie Nicks and are okay spending the cash then this is a great option for a concert right here in Charleston. 

The very next day, Thursday, October 20th, Mt. Joy is having a concert in Columbia, South Carolina, at the Township Auditorium. The Brook and the Bluff is opening for them and their concerts have been raved about with critics stating that seeing them live is a must for any fan. Second balcony back seats are starting at $32.50 each and general admission floor tickets are very affordable at $42.50 each. These prices and the strong reviews from previous shows makes this concert a great choice for anyone willing to make the drive. 

The next concert is not happening in South Carolina but the artist makes it worth mentioning. Lizzio’s tour is coming to Charlotte, North Carolina on October 20th at the Spectrum Center. Following the attention she received from her last concert and a certain flute’s appearance, this concert is guaranteed to be one to remember. The cheapest tickets are starting at $69.50 dollars and pit tickets are $160 dollars each. These are pretty reasonable prices, and the concert is definitely going to be a good time. If you’re willing to drive or fly to Charlotte, I would highly recommend it. 

This concert is a bit of a throwback: the Earth, Wind and Fire Reunion tour is coming to Colombia on Saturday, October 22th. Earth, Wind and Fire ruled the 70s releasing iconic songs such as “September” and “Let’s Groove”. Balcony tickets are starting at $118 dollars each and orchestra tickets range from $192 dollars to $234 dollars each. These tickets are on the pricier side but worth it if you love Earth, Wind and Fire. 

Jumping ahead to November 17th, The Marshall Tucker Band is performing at the Charleston Music Hall with Special Guest, Shannon Lawson. The Marshall Tucker Band is a southern staple with their cross of country, rock, and blues. Their cheapest balcony tickets are $45 dollars each and unfortunately majority of the front center seats have been sold, but other close seats range from $95 dollars to $164.50 depending on their location. If you’re a big fan of the band or the genre, this concert is a great choice for a concert happening here. 

Also happening at The Charleston Music Hall, The Front Bottoms are performing Saturday, December 10th. They are described as an indie rock band with songs such as “Twin Size Mattress” and “Be Nice To Me”. Their tickets have a wide range with rear seats starting at $46 dollars and front row tickets being $155 dollars. This wide range allows for affordable tickets with a great view. The date and location could not be more convenient, so if you like The Front Bottoms mark your calendars for December 10th. 

This next band I have been told is a choir kid staple and cultural movement. The acapella group, the Pentatonix are coming to the North Charleston Coliseum on Tuesday, December 13th, ensuring that their beloved Christmas album will be featured. Nosebleed tickets start at $70 dollars each and center front row tickets range from $295 to $395. The front floor tickets are pretty steep, but there seems to be more affordable ones farther from the stage. Loyal fans of the Pentatonix should definitely look into attending as this is said to be a concert like no other. 

The rest of 2022 has a great line up for concerts in South Carolina with a wide range of artists and genres. I hope this guide has helped you see what is happening this year and hopefully you found a concert to attend. The live entertainment scene here in South Carolina improves every year and this year is no exception so get onto ticketmaster and happy concerting!