The Best April Fools Prank: No Seniors

Senior Skip Day 2022


Senior skip day is a historic tradition, not just at Academic Magnet, but at pretty much any other school in the country. With COVID-19 creating a much different learning environment and making each day last year almost feel optional, this year provided a reset back into the normal school schedule, with threats of C time looming everywhere. However, much to the disdain of teachers everywhere, it was decided that like in years pre-Covid, the Friday before prom would be an optional but encouraged skip day for the senior class. While some members of the senior class were forced to attend school for research presentations, AP exam preparations, or simply because they have too many absences, the rest were far from the grounds of our Bonds Wilson campus. In total, of 166 seniors, only 26 had perfect attendance, meaning that the other 140 had at least one unexcused block.

Underclassmen and teachers alike may be asking the question: do seniors really need this day off? After an e-learning day a few days ago and Spring Break next week, it may seem like this “skip” is unnecessary. However, there are many reasons why this day exists and is important.

  1. All students got those other days off, but this day is exclusively for seniors. Like the senior lounge or prime parking spots, this is another senior privilege that underclassmen must enviously wait to experience.
  2. With COVID-19 upsetting many other typical traditions for the senior class (junior class trip, junior prom, pep rallies, etc.), this is an easy tradition to continue to uphold.
  3. This is a known day across this country to prepare for the events ahead. Seniors had the option to get some well-needed sleep, have their nails painted, or relax before the big weekend ahead. In contrast, on the last e-learning day, I spent my time cramming for an AP Statistics test I had the following day.
  4. Mental health!!! As of Friday, about half of the senior class will have already completed their AP Research Oral Defense. For a job well done, these students should kick their shoes off and allow themselves to relax. For the other half that will have presented the week after prom, it’s important to take breaks in between all this memorization and preparation.
  5. Finally, it is ultimately their decision. I’ve seen plenty of students skip a day or two with no consequences, so why does it matter that they all happened to do it on one day?

Some other things to note are that seniors are being smart with their decision. Some seniors are staying at school because they know they have an important test, presentation, or game. Other seniors know they are teetering on the edge of truancy and stayed for that reason. For students with just one or two unexcused absences, as long as they make up their missed work, there is little harm in participating.

Be careful because people know.

— Mrs. Pinckney

Sitting down with Mrs. Pinckney, she recounted her own senior skip day (which she did not participate in), and issued this advice to the senior class: “Always know where you are with your absences because of C time. I also would say bring in your notes.” She did leave me with the ominous warning of “just be careful because people know.”

I also interviewed Taryn Crowley, who attended for part of the day to see how full each of her classes were. Taryn said “First period it was Lauren and me. In second period it was Nicole, Teagan, and me. Third period it was just Deena and me.” Additionally, some of these attendees admitted to leaving early after their research presentations or to pick up their prom dresses. For those that did stay in their classes, teachers handed out extra credit, a fair trade and a nice reward for those that did not want the absence.

Finally, although senior skip day is a thorn in the side of administration, it’s in everyone’s best interests to work together. If administration looked past this one day, then unnecessary individual skipping may decline. Additionally, many teachers have adapted to this change as well. One teacher of mine posted a notes video and asked that we watch it and complete the assigned homework before returning to class on Tuesday. By posting this video, no day was lost in exam preparation and we can stay on the previously planned schedule. While it is not possible for all teachers to adopt this tactic, I recommend teachers consider doing this next year if they are worried about the senior skip day running their preparations off course.

Overall, despite your opinion on senior skip day, it has passed for the Class of 2022, so it is not up to the Class of 2023 whether they would like to continue the tradition in following years.

Please note that The Talon does not endorse school skipping and loves to see all of our readers at school each and every day!!!