My Life is a Movie! Here’s the Soundtrack…


a “Titanic”-inspired first look at the film

We’ve all seen movies, we’ve all heard songs, that’s so crazy! Consuming media and art is the best! If you’re anything like me, you may even listen to the soundtrack of a certain movie after finishing it to relive and bask in its essence for a little while longer. Even when movies or shows I adore don’t have official playlists, there alway seems to be a delightful fan who has created a playlist of all the songs that either had a feature in the movie or that just capture the ~vibes~. Now, let’s say my life, so to speak, is a movie. What songs would producers cut in for each scene?

Now, every teen movie starts with the cliché getting-ready-and-rushing-to-school scene. Allow me to set the scene: I roll out of bed into a montage of teeth-brushing and outfit-picking, clothes are flying as I tear my closet apart for the right dress! This leads to a scene change, I’m in my car now, windows down, sunglasses on. The song playing throughout this hectic but slay scene would be “Supernova” by Liz Phair.

so totally me except I do not end up with my ex-stepbrother at the end

In the spring, a lot of my time is spent with the AMHS Girl’s Varsity soccer team. Picture the team in our signature four-line warmup. For this sequence of high-kneeing, stretching, volleying, and just kicking it (iykyk), Sugar Ray’s “Abracadabra” would definitely be playing. For this one, ignore the lyrics and the fact that it is a Sugar Ray song and just listen to this funky and strangely high-energy song which perfectly fits the rhythm of a warm-up. This track abruptly cuts, maybe there’s a record scratch, and the scene cuts to show me and my buddies seated on the bench as the game begins.

girl’s soccer senior slay 😀

When I’m on my mischievous Senior Assassin missions, “Science Fiction” by the Arctic Monkeys is definitely playing. Maybe I dramatically peer around a corner and pull some sunglasses down the bridge of my nose, or sneak about with some tiptoes. Maybe I’m in a trench coat and fedora, a dramatic disguise fitting for this trickery. This tune is simply perfect for a secret little plot.

channeling this energy

My time on the AMHS Girl’s Cross Country team has turned me into a casual jogger, so any movie starring me would need to feature a little running montage. Now, if I’m on the old faithful treadmill at Gold’s, “Slam Dunk (Da Funk)” by Five would be playing. This is a song I actually find myself running to for it’s fantastic BPM and ability to tune out all other gym sounds. If I’m merely on a casual neighborhood jog, the vibes are different, so maybe some Britney Spears would aptly set the scene?

XC senior night moment but why did it go upside down?

What if this movie is a musical? I’m personally not a huge fan of this genre, but if my teen movie were to take a turn towards the likes of Camp Rock, the song would be “Snap Out Of It,” again by the Arctic Monkeys. The scene is as follows: my dear mother sees my life falling apart, with early onset senioritis to blame. I’m leaving for school too late and shopping for a prom dress has created extra stress. She asks me again if I’ve decided on a college and when I answer no, we spring into a musical number centered on this song.

Me being viciously attacked by Cocky at UofSC admitted student day. Another obstacle in my journey to higher education.

Were there to be a karaoke scene, my song of choice would be “But It’s Better If You Do” by Panic! At The Disco. This is currently my favorite song to scream in the car, though that changes by the week (let it be known that at the time of publication I am already over this song). Anyway, I’m bopping, giving the infamous “Disney Knees” as the chorus ramps up. Such a slay, thanks to Brendon Urie for this earworm. A close and reliable second choice would be “Cruisin for a Bruisin” from the Teen Beach Movie soundtrack. Maybe this would be my second song, assuming I have the stamina for another performance.

Demi and her signature “Disney Knees”

This article is quickly turning into a “songs and the moods I associate with them” but whatever! My friends and I often find ourselves at the movies, honestly seeing whatever is playing. Though, this scene could really be replaced by any eerie nighttime activity. Assume my life movie does include a scene at the good ol’ IMAX theater. By the time my friends and I amble back into the parking lot post-movie, the sun has set and the sky is only illuminated by the lights of the neon sign. So poetic considering that my mouth is still stained blue from an Icee, but the song that would best accompany this feeling would be “The Bourne Identity” by The Last Shadow Puppets.

spooky pic from Fright Night which also perfectly encapsulates this mood of this song

Allow me to peer into the future a bit for my movie’s plot: high school graduation. I guess this is turning into a coming-of-age film. This one is kind of divided. For the happy, carefree Nola immediately after leaving the performing arts center, diploma in hand, the scene would be backed by “All I Wanna Do” by Sheryl Crow. However, if the movie were to flash to the end of senior year summer where my friends and I all go our separate ways, the song would be a little more bittersweet, potentially “All the Young Dudes” by Mott the Hoople.

me and my friends after graduating (use some imagination here)

I guess this would lead to the end of the movie, as most teen movies typically end after graduation. Maybe we could cut to a college or reunion scene, but I honestly wouldn’t know what song to put. I think we’ll just cut to the credits then! For this, I think something fun and loud would go well, considering the somber mood the previous scene left the audience in. To remind us all of the good times as the credits roll, I’d put “Just A Girl” by No Doubt. Very cliché since this song makes an appearance in 90% of teen girl movies, but it’s true! I really am just a girl!

me being #justagirl

Of course, my exaggerated teen flick would have lots of other clips, but these are simply the most musical moments! Go on and enroll me in film school. Thank you for watching (reading) ladies and gentlemen!

Post Credits: Since writing this, I have changed favorite songs like three times, been eliminated from Senior Assassin, and decided on a college!