National Days in February

Find something to celebrate!


If you’ve ever had Mrs. Aydlette, then you’re probably aware that there are holidays every day, not just the mainstream ones we know about. If you’re tired of only recognizing days like Valentine’s Day and President’s Day, then this list is for you. Below are national days for each day in February.

February 1st -National Freedom Day, Dark Chocolate Day

February 2nd- National Tater Tot Day, Girls and Women in Sports Day

February 3rd- National Carrot Cake Day, Day the Music Died Day, Optimist Day

February 4th- National Thank a Mail Carrier Day, Homemade Soup Day, Bubble Gum Day

February 5th- World Nutella Day, Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, Play Outside Day, Weatherperson’s Day

February 6th- National Frozen Yogurt Day, Chopsticks Day

February 7th- National Send a Card to a Friend Day, Periodic Table Day, Fettuccine Alfredo Day

February 8th- National Boy Scouts Day, Kite Flying Day, National Iowa Day

February 9th- National Pizza Day, Toothache Day

February 10th- National Cream Cheese Brownie Day, Giving Hearts Day, Umbrella Day

February 11th- National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day, Make a Friend Day, Peppermint Patty Day

February 12th- National Plum Pudding Day, Global Movie Day

February 13th- Galentine’s Day, National Cheddar Day, National Tortellini Day

February 14th- National Organ Donor Day, Ferris Wheel Day, Football Hangover Day

February 15th- Singles Awareness Day, National Wisconsin Day

February 16th- National Do A Grouch a Favor Day, Almond Day

February 17th- National Random Acts of Kindness Day, Cabbage Day

February 18th- National Caregivers Day, No One Eats Alone Day

February 19th- National Chocolate Mint Day, Red Socks Day

February 20th- National Love Your Pet Day, Muffin Day, Leadership Day

February 21st- National Sticky Bun Day, Grain-Free Day

February 22nd- National Supermarket Employee Day, Cook a Sweet Potato Day

February 23rd- National Banana Bread Day, Dog Biscuit Day

February 24th- National Tortilla Chip Day, Chili Day, Toast Day

February 25th- National Chocolate Covered Nut Day, Skip the Straw Day

February 26th- National Tell a Fairy Tale Day, Set a Good Example Day

February 27th- National Strawberry Day, Polar Bear Day, Retro Day

February 28th- National Public Sleeping Day, Tooth Fairy Day, Chocolate Souffle Day


So next time you want to spice up your day, take a look at the national days to find something to celebrate. Be sure to have ice cream for breakfast on February 5th, celebrate Wisconsin February 15th, and tell a fairy tale February 26th! Happy holidays!