The 10 Best Practical Gifts

The art of giving gifts people will actually use – besides socks and toothpaste.

The 10 Best Practical Gifts

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good gimmick. Yet even the most comic of people rely on solid behind-the-scenes goods. While there is an undying appreciation for gifts that generate a good laugh, what’s better than getting someone a gift they will actually use? Focus on improving the recipient’s life. And just because something is practical doesn’t mean its lame.

A Posture Corrector. This holiday season, I will have my grandmother to follow me around and scold my poor posture for 72 hours. Not all of us are that lucky. This gift is a low maintenance necessity that seamlessly helps you to sit up straight at a perfect, inhuman, 90 degree angle. Morihei Ueshiba said it best, “A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.”

Starting at $18.99.

A Good Pair of Scissors. You may be thinking, “but I already have scissors.” They’re probably not as good as these. Toss those safety little kids scissors and upgrade your cutting game with a pair of super sharp, elegant scissors that glide through virtually anything. Embrace the feeling of a good cut, and remember to hold these bad boys down when you transport them.

Starting at $15.99.

A Jar Opener. You’re not as strong as you think. Jam jars, pickle jars, any other type of jar, simply cannot be budged sometimes. But you don’t have to give up. With this über practical mechanism, make their life easier.

Starting at $6.99.

A Knee Pad for Gardening (or other tasks). This may be exclusively for the 40+ age range, but I find it very useful. If they experience knee pain, it can be a real pain to get down and dirty to complete a daily chore. Insert a practical gift that remains functional on all levels. They never knew they needed this.

Starting at $9.99.

A Multi Functional Screwdriver. This idea comes from when I received this very gift from Ms. Desbrow last year during the middle of my physics final. I was literally in the midst of the Multiple Choice section when this wonder of a tool was placed on my desk. It distracted me a few minutes due to its complex nature. So far, I have never used it, but then again, I may need it. I cannot wait for that day. So small, so versatile, if you know someone who pursues odd tasks, consider this purchase.

Starting at $9.49.

A Gas Card. With the soar in gas prices as of late, it is very much practical to invest in a nice gas gift card for a friend or family member. I am fairly certain they can be purchased at your local Harris Teeter for a small profit (you pay $45 for a $50 dollar card). While gift cards are never extremely thoughtful and gas cards are a one-time-use gift, I recommend them this holiday season for the people you just really don’t know what to get, or for people you know are infuriated over inflation.

Ranging anywhere from $20-$150.

A Hot Glue Gun. Every few months, I find myself engaged in task that exclusively needs hot glue. Arguably one of the best inventions ever, hot glue can sporadically be declared very much necessary and practical for your craft people out there. If you are really in the holiday spirit, get them a few glue sticks to go with it.

Starting at $16.49.

The Gift of Nothing. For the people in your life in their minimalist phase, or for your parent who says they want nothing other than you and your siblings not to fight. While you can try and sacrifice your argumentative side for the greater peace it will bring your parents, you can still give them something. Because nothing is something. I am a little hesitant to put this on the list, because it might be the least practical gift possible. Also, if your argumentative side still persists, this isn’t nothing – it’s a plastic ball. On the advertisement of the package it claims your recipient gets to “open the pack and be enthralled when nothing happens.” Enjoy!

Starting at $6.95.

A Phone Wallet. This is by far the most practical thing I currently own. First, I hate carrying things. This gift presents itself as a very effective way to cut down on your load. No more separate wallet you have to worry about. Get this for a friend who you know cannot be with out their device, but loses things constantly. No more lost driver’s license or credit/debit cards. You get to become their parent’s favorite friend (if you want to). However, make sure to acknowledge the flip side. You lose your phone, you lose everything in the phone wallet too…

Starting at $9.99.

No Tie Shoelaces. While these might not be the most high fashion statement, if you know some sneaker kid that insists they don’t like tying their shoes for a more mellow, I-don’t-care, appearance, get them these. It may end up starting a trend. Or if you know someone that is generally impatient, prefers an easy slip-on, or doesn’t know how to tie shoes. You could teach them though, because going out of your way to tie your shoes is not that hard.

Starting at $5.95.