9.5 Adventures for You! Fall Edition

1/2 personal recommendations 1/2 bucket list. Enjoy!

1)  Midsommar Beach Picnic

This has been on my bucket list for a while, and I’m kind of sad that I have not experienced this before I recommend it. However, I think this would be such a fun beach idea. In my opinion, October is one of the best months for the beach, because it’s not too cold yet but you also are not sweating like crazy. All you need is to tell your friends to wear white and bring flowers and picnic food. You  could make flower crowns, and feast on your picnic, just like how they have that cute meal together in the movie! Just make sure there are no cliffs nearby.

lorde picnic!

2) Restaurant Hopping

Now this is one of my favorite activities, but it is definitely a pricey one. Find a companion to go with you, and pick a different restaurant for an appetizer, main course, and dessert. Many restaurants have new fall menus, for example Community Table! Come visit me at Sunday brunch this weekend 🙂 Based on my personal experience, I have met so many people and fellow Food and Bev employees this way. Daniel, if you’re reading this, I promise Lilly and I will come back to Tacos & Tequila soon to visit. We miss you!

fries from Community Table!

3) Pumpkin patch

I know this one is cliche, but you have to go to Boone Hall at some point during the fall. Whether it be the pumpkin patch, fright night, or picking whatever fruit they have, I think the pumpkin patch is simply a staple in fall activities that can’t be missed.

3.5) This is kind of connected to the whole Boone Hall Pumpkin Patch thing. But I think it would be super fun to go to Boone Hall and pick fruit there with your friends, and then go back to your house and bake a cobbler/pie with whatever you got! A yummy pumpkin pie would be seasonal, so if you do end up doing this please save me a slice.

Mabry Wise carving a pumpkin

4) Walking the Ravenel

Personally, I am such a big fan of a good bridge stroll. My favorite walking partner is my mom, and we are frequent speed walkers of the Ravenel. The weather is always so nice during fall, and I am just trying my best to get outside before it gets too chilly for me. Northerners may laugh because our winter is like 40 degrees, but also who wants to walk the bridge in 40 degree weather? Soak up all the sunshine and 70s while you still can.

my mom and I #speedwalking

5) Go ALL out for a football game

Now some may think this one is just “go to a football game!” No. I’m talking dressing up, tailgating, and cheering until you lose your voice. Follow the theme, and get a bunch of your friends to do face paint together. For the homecoming game, we had a super fun tailgate with pizza and snacks! Make the most of the rest of the football season.

Mitchell O’Dell and I living it up at homecoming

6)  Food Rankings

What’s a food or drink that you are really into? Is there a brand that you regularly buy from? For me and my friends, it’s the Arizona Teas. Buy a bunch of different flavors, try a bit of them all, and crown your favorite as champion. See Inés’ article (AriZona Drink Flavors: The Ultimate Ranking) for our thoughts on the teas. Disclaimer, my personal favorite is the Kiwi Strawberry, however the Golden Bear is really good too.

sipping on Kiwi Strawberry Arizona

7) Drive In Movie

Now that movie theaters have opened back up, drive in movies are not quite as popular as they were before. However, I am an avid lover of a drive in movie. You can pack a bunch of yummy food (and not blow a bunch of money on concessions) and make your car super comfy! My friend Amelia and I went last year, and we saw Beetlejuice which was very fun and spooky.

Amelia Dietrich at the Beetlejuice Drive In!

8) Have a bonfire!

For other people who went to summer camp, this is for you. Throw it back to those camp days with a wholesome fireside get together. Make sure to have marshmallows to roast, and bring a couple guitars so you  can sing songs.

Big Green Tractor singalong

9) Go to Asheville

I know this one is not as accessible as the others, but I had to include it. Asheville is one of my favorite cities I have ever been to, and it screams fall. The drive up there is beautiful, and you can see all of the changing leaves which we don’t really get in Charleston. Make sure to go pick apples and drink some apple cider up there too. This city is the pinnacle of fall, and it truly is beautiful. If you are able to go, make sure to eat at Tupelo Honey too, which is my favorite brunch spot. They have biscuits and honey butter to die for.

Pinnacle of Autumn!!

If you decide to do any of these please let me know how it goes! Have a great rest of your fall Raptors.