What to do if you are Single on Valentines Day

For those without a special someone.


Every year, Valentine’s day comes on the fourteenth of February and serves as a reminder to all of the lonely people of the world that they are single. For many, this day can create a lot of sadness and anxiety for those who long to be in a committed relationship or serve as a reminder to those that they no longer share that bond with someone. Although this may be the case for you or someone around you, I am here to share some ideas on how to distract yourself from these Valentine’s day blues. Here is my top 5 list of things to do if you are single on Valentine’s day. 


  1. Going out to Dinner


There is nothing better than enjoying a great dinner by yourself as you are the only one without a lover in the whole restaurant. You will feel especially warm when the waiter asks for the third time if you are waiting on someone else. It is ok, you can drown your sorrows in desert.


  1. Going to the bowling alley


Going to the bowling alley is a great way to distract yourself from the fact you do not have a date. One advantage of being by yourself is that you do not have to wait on other people to take your turn. One disadvantage is the expensive food.


  1. Volunteer


If you are going to be sad on Valentine’s day, you may as well make it productive. By volunteering you are able to make someone else happy on the day where you are sad. Furthermore, there are a number of fulfilling things you can do when volunteering in order to make yourself happier. For example, volunteering at the puppy shelter.


  1. Go to a museum


One of the best ways to distract yourself during this holiday is to learn about something that you are interested in. Exploring a museum is better by yourself anyways as you can learn everything you want to learn about without having to waste time on what a significant other would want to do anyway.


1.Enjoy a night out with friends


A great way to ignore the fact that you do not have a significant other is by spending the day with your friends. If all of your single friends are together with you, you can wallow the day away together. This is the best way to cultivate herd happiness.