Finding Internship Opportunities Near You

Finding Internship Opportunities Near You

Internships in Charleston

While many think internships are mostly for college students, it is never too early to start exploring possible career options. However, it is difficult to participate in an internship as a high school student considering the lack of credentials and experience. This is why I have put together a list of internship opportunities

South Carolina High School Intern Program

If you are interested in animals and marine science, this paid internship with the South Carolina Aquarium is a great opportunity. This internship allows 11th grade students to learn under marine biologists throughout the summer. This internship is highly competitive and only 10 students are chosen. Not only is it competitive, but you also have to dedicate lot of time and commit. Although it is past the deadline for this year’s juniors, this is an amazing opportunity for students of the class of 2024.

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Blackbaud Cyber Security Internship

I understand that this internship is meant for college students. However, if you can impress the Cyber Security Engineering Team enough, you will have the prestigious opportunity to learn the functions of a Cyber Security Organization and many skills that would benefit a future career of computer science. This is located in Daniel Island, so it may be a bit of a drive for some of you. However, I have talked to a couple of individuals who have interned there and they say the experience is extremely worth it.

Learn more about this internship at—South-Carolina—USA/Cyber-Security-Intern_R0006531-1

MUSC Summer Pipeline Programs

MUSC has numerous opportunities for students looking to pursue medicine or any health-related career. There are internships with the College of Dental Medicine, College of Graduate Studies, College of Health Professions, College of Medicine, College of Nursing, and College of Pharmacy. You can learn from both professors and students with timelines ranging from year-round to just the summer. There are several people at Magnet who have interned at MUSC, so if you have questions regarding the experience, you can just ask your peers.

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I hope this list is extremely helpful to those of you willing to explore career options early. Although there is no rush regarding your future, it is always great to explore through internships to know what interests you in regards to your career.