Senior Class’ Past Lives… Part 1

What would you have been in your past life?

Senior Class Past Lives... Part 1

Hello everyone,

For today’s article, I have assigned each senior a detail (mostly a profession) of their previous life. This is just based on my interpretations, so it may not be 100% accurate. Also, I’m not sure if I even believe in past lives, so this is just for fun. This is only part one, so some of you are in next week’s article 🙂

  1. Thomas Abraham: ’30s barbershop quartet member
  2. Rachel Ackerman: Woodstock attendee
  3. Emma Anderson: cruise coordinator on the Titanic
  4. Grace Anderson: surfboard shaper from the ’20s or ’30s
  5. Nico Apostolou: family fur trade heir
  6. Taylor Aquino: U-2 Spy plane pilot
  7. Aiden Astle: lighthouse keeper
  8. Jack Austin: sponsored an olympic swimmer
  9. Justin Baek: army general
  10. Macon Bauknight: codebreaker in WWII
  11. Colby Beaver: loyalist tax collector pre-revolutionary war
  12. Eric Beaver: French parliament member in the 1700s
  13. Alan Bi: paperboy in the 1899 newsboy strike
  14. Lily Bluestein: enlightenment-era suffragette who held salons
  15. Will Boyd: pop art photographer for Life magazine
  16. Collin Brietnall: 1830s English bachelor
  17. Kaila Brown: ’80s girl band member
  18. Haley Bryan: Central American Explorer
  19. Conolly Burgess: owned a yacht in the ’60s
  20. Connor Burrill: 1st tech tycoon in Silicon Valley
  21. Amelia Butcher: egyptologist
  22. Sophia Butcher: founded a cat rescue in the ’50s
  23. Julia Camp: Iulia from that latin story
  24. Emily Campbell: owner and gardener of a beautiful farmhouse
  25. Dylan Carter: ’90s video game programmer
  26. Mattia Cassell: steam engine conductor
  27. Owen Chapman: ’50s car mechanic
  28. Kaitlyn Chau: cartoonist
  29. Maisie Cochran: grungie
  30. Owen Conley: basketball player
  31. Anna Cook: southern businesswoman and matriarch
  32. Kristen Cooper: victorian-era author
  33. Lydia Cox: Billie Jean King’s female rival
  34. Prue Criscuolo: viking
  35. Will Culler: used car salesman
  36. Evan Daniels: marathon runner in the original Olympics
  37. Isabella Darce: suffragette
  38. Cameron Dawson: surf shop owner
  39. Carmen Del Mastro: original website designer/programmer
  40. Ansel Dietrich: metal rockstar
  41. Christina Dolan: fashion influencer of the ’70s
  42. Brendan Elliot: early French photographer
  43. Brad Emenov: invented a new hockey stick design
  44. Landon Ethredge: archeologist
  45. Lily Feingold: UN ambassador
  46. Ashley Fister: early mathematics professor
  47. Aiden Flinton: oil corporation owner
  48. Pilar Florez: amazon warrior
  49. Tonisha Forrest: broadway actress
  50. Andrew Forsyth: football player in the first superbowl
  51. Adam Frye: butcher in the 1870s
  52. Serenity Gainey: ’70s band groupie
  53. Connor Gale: owner of a football team
  54. Keiry Garcia Mora: Fashion editor
  55. Jeremy Garza: soldier in the Spanish-American war
  56. Adam Gatch: gym owner in the ’50s
  57. Christian Geils: multiple mid/long distance track record setter
  58. Emily Griffin: librarian
  59. Jason Guo: cartographer
  60. Ishraq Haque: atomic bomb scientist
  61. Sean Healy: ’50s greaser
  62. Leah Heineck: stand-up comedian
  63. Tom Henry: frontiersman
  64. Joel Herndon: author of philosophy books
  65. Grace Hill: art curator of the ’20s
  66. Marshall Hodges: squire to a knight of the round table
  67. Liana Horner: helped make American Sign Language widespread
  68. Hannah Hughes: underground artist
  69. Sydney Isaacks: doctor who invented a vaccine
  70. Mohamed Ismail: worlds-fair featured inventor
  71. Tate Jennings: survivalist
  72. Tabitha Johnson: botanist
  73. Kyle Jonsson: shepherd
  74. Mills Jordan: Supreme Court Justice
  75. Alyssa Kapinos: school superintendent
  76. Mary Katherine Kerrigan: cosmetics developer
  77. Colton Kilgallen: The Twilight Zone cast member
  78. Whitney Knotts: New York City socialite
  79. Lily Lassiter: classical pianist and composer
  80. Jennifer Lee: freelance journalist
  81. Simon Li: silent movie director
  82. Benjamin Lipschutz: paleontologist
  83. Ruth Liu: combat nurse
  84. Jojo Lonyo: Rockford Peaches (from A League of Our Own movie) original member

Stay tuned for the next article!!