Understanding your Enneagram Type

You heard it here first: Every personality in the world can be categorized into one of nine types


There are more than 7 billion people in the world. There are teachers, doctors, artists, singers, and construction workers. Would you believe me if I told you that everyone can be categorized into one of 9 character types?


Well believe me or not, but I am right. 

Disclaimer: Each number character type has another number that they move to in “strength” and one that they move to in “stress”. Every single aspect of your personality may not fit into one type, obviously humans are more complex than that.

You are simply looking for which characteristics resonate with you the most.

The numbers are categorized into three different types based off how you make decisions.

  • Types 1, 8, and 9 make decisions off of their gut.
  • Types 2, 3, and 4 make decisions based off of their hearts and emotions.
  • Types 5, 6, and 7 make decisions based off of their head and logic.

Read along to the descriptions of each of the types:

Type 1: “The Reformer”


  • perfectionist
  • responsible


  • can be too concerned with whether things are morally right or wrong
  • can be self judging

examples: Prince Charles, Nelson Mandela, Michelle Obama, Joan of Arc

Ones are known for leaving their comfortable life in order to create change for the better and do what they feel they were called to do.

Type 2: “The Helper”


  • relationship-oriented
  • generous


  • people-pleasing
  • often struggle to realize their own needs because they are so focused on helping others
  • prideful

examples: Eleanor Roosevelt, Dolly Parton, Nancy Reagan

Type 3: “The Achiever”


  • very driven to be successful
  • has the ability to connect with many types of people


  • can struggle with being honest with themselves
  • can be too competitive

examples: Muhammed Ali, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber

Type 4: “The Individualist”


  • artistic
  • sensitive


  • can be over dramatic
  • can be self absorbed

examples: Anne Frank, Angelina Jolie, Prince

Type 5: “The Investigator”


  • perceptive
  • self-sufficient


  • secretive
  • high-strung

examples: Albert Einstein, Vincent Van Gogh, Emily Dickinson

Type 6: “The Loyalist”


  • engaging
  • problem solving


  • experiences negative emotion through anxiety
  • suspicious

examples: Robert F Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Ellen Degeneres

Type 7: “The Enthusiast”


  • spontaneous
  • fun-loving
  • fast learners, particularly with languages


  • scattered
  • can be pain-avoidant

examples: Thomas Jefferson, Miley Cyrus, Robin Williams

Type 8: “The Challenger”


  • self confident
  • seeks justice


  • experiences negative emotion through anger
  • confrontational

examples: Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Donald Trump

Type 9: “The Peacemaker”


  • receptive
  • stable


  • often doesn’t consciously realize they are upset, negative emotion is revealed through passive aggressiveness
  • stubbornness

examples: Abraham Lincoln, Audrey Hepburn, Walt Disney

I am either a 6 or a 9. Very conflicted-it’s been weighing on me greatly. Please let me know if you have any helpful insight.

P.S there are a million plus quizzes online for enneagram types, some only 10 questions and some close to 100. feel free to check them out if you are intrigued:)

Enneagram Type Descriptions