Finding Volunteer Opportunities During COVID-19

Finding Volunteer Opportunities During COVID-19

Volunteer Opportunities Near You

Because of COVID-19, we Raptors are having a difficult time finding ways to complete our community service hours. On top of that, we are encouraged to find volunteer opportunities that correlate with our future careers and that have meaning to us. Because of this, I have found all sorts of community service work open during COVID-19 for you all to do.


1. Charleston Animal Society

This animal shelter located in North Charleston, South Carolina is the perfect place for animal lovers to gather their community service hours. Daily operations include walking/socializing with the dogs, caring for cats and kittens, helping with adoptions and special events, providing post-surgical care for their spay/neuter clinic, and much more. People of 18 years or older can volunteer through their main program. Any children and teenagers underage can participate through must go through their Youth Volunteer Program. As of right now, all the February orientation dates are full, so sign up now while you can!

Visit for more information!

2. MUSC Children’s Hospital

The MUSC Children’s Hospital is probably my favorite place to volunteer.  Unfortunately, this opportunity is only available to students 16 years or older. This program ranges from year long volunteers with a minimum of a two-hour weekly shift to short term volunteer opportunities. If you can not be on-site to volunteer, you can still offer your services through homemade projects, such as scrub hats, therapy dolls, knitting/crocheting blankets, and my favorite project, Ryan’s Cases for Smiles.

Apply now at!


3. Recreation Departments

The Charleston County Recreation Departments can be found in all divisions of Charleston. They provide amazing volunteer opportunities, especially to those who want to volunteer their athletic abilities. The departments are always looking for Youth Coaches to help with activities held throughout the year. Along with Youth Coaches, they offer opportunities to help with Senior Centers, Youth Community Centers, Children’s Day, tutoring, and so much more.

If you are in Mount Pleasant, visit:

If you are anywhere else in Charleston County, visit:


4. The Lowcountry Food Bank

If you want get get easy hours for your community service log, you should volunteer at the Lowcountry Food Bank. Volunteering here means you are able to participate with food drives and organize canned food in an attempt for hunger relief in the lowcountry. While they do not allow group volunteer at this time due to COVID-19, you can go on their website and sign up for volunteer shifts.

If you are interested, visit: