How to Recreate Disney World at Home

We’re bringing the happiest place on earth to your home

If you are anything like us, you are missing your yearly trips down to Orlando, Florida to spend an absurd amount of time and money at Disney World. Do not fret! We have just the solution, especially for the seniors whose class trip got canceled. Here, we have come up with a killer list of ideas to recreate the magical experience at home, in quarantine! Even better, you will have a fastpass for every ride! You can thank us later. 

see? magical.

Nostalgic for the end-of-the-day fireworks? No problem! Do your own fireworks show at home. Get some glitter and throw it up in the air. Maybe choreograph it to some music. Your mom will love it even more if you do it in the house. 

Epcot: an experience. To imagine that you’re there, decorate different parts of your house like the world showcase. For another spin on this beloved park, designate different nights with the different countries there and get your family to dress up according to those cultures! The countries in Epcot are: Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Morocco, Japan, the United States, Italy, Germany, China, Norway and Mexico. Click here to get a fun Epcot playlist you can have in the background.

To recreate one of our favorite parks, Animal Kingdom, go to a nature trail around your neighborhood, it is just like Kilimanjaro Safari! Maybe you will find an exotic animal along the way. A rare squirrel? A duck? Nature is unpredictable.

If you have Disney+, watch a bunch of classic Disney movies while decorating your house according to that movie. Some movies based off of Disney rides and attractions are: Peter Pan, the Toy Story series, all 9 Star Wars movies, Snow White, Monsters, Inc., Dumbo, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast (Kaki’s favorite).

If you’re missing that lovely cuisine at Disney, try to make your own! Some classics are: Mickey waffles, a bacon macaroni hot dog, peanut butter and jelly milkshakes, a Mickey pretzel, chocolate covered frozen bananas (which are Bailey’s favorite). For more ideas, click here!

creativity at its finest

Make some DIY Disney merch! Just grab two round fruits and tape them to your head, or a spare headband, to make your own Mickey ears. We recommend using oranges or apples, but if you are feeling frisky, try some watermelon or cantaloupe!

Remake “It’s A Small World” with any old dolls, toys, etc. and walk your family through the house! For a more intense vibe, turn off all the lights and add spotlights onto the dolls. Connect a speaker to blast the utterly annoying song and you’re set.

Wish you were in Pandora? All you have to do is paint your face blue and you will instantly become an avatar… or a member of the blue man group. Whichever you prefer. I have personally tried this one. I blue myself yesterday!

Test Track. At home. Get in your car. Drive really fast. Done. No line. No wait. 

Go on a really long walk; it would be exactly like a day at Disney World! You are not done until you have blisters on both feet. According to our research, the average person will walk 8.2 miles a day while at Disney!

Make your own at-home Tower of Tower. First, find a swivel chair. Second, sit in it. Third, pull down the lever and scream with delight as you free fall a whopping foot and a half. Now you have entered the TWILIGHT ZONE!!!

Become a pirate for a day. All you gotta do is get a small piece of black paper and tape it over one eye and voila, you are a pirate. Yoo hoo matey it’s the pirate’s life for you. 

Turn on the news and you got your own hall of presidents. You do not even need volume. Just stare at the smexy Donald Trump and pretend he is an animatronic.

Stand in the sun until your clothes are soaked in your own sweat. Pretty simple. 

Wanna feel like you are staying at the Contemporary Resort Hotel? Just get in your car and drive through your house! It is just like the monorail!

Bailey Hillen and Kathryn Jones enjoying Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

To feel like you are back on your favorite roller coaster, create videos with your family! Simply use the green screen effect on TikTok or to go the classic route with PhotoBooth which has a roller coaster green screen that will do the trick. 

Make your own Disney water park! This one requires a sibling’s assistance. Grab your sibling and force them to gently spray you with the hose. Then, you can grab a tarp and throw it into the back of your dad’s pickup truck. Fill it up with water and you have got yourself a redneck hot tub as we like to call it!

When you were a little boy/girl did you walk around Disney World with your special autograph book and matching pen? Now you can recreate those magical memories! All you need is a notebook and a pen. Walk around your neighborhood and every time you come across someone, just ask for their autograph! It is better than meeting the real Mickey Mouse.

Hopefully you’re feeling inspired to spice up your quarantined life! If you decide to do any of these, let us know! Who knows, maybe it will end up being better than a trip to Disney World…