Most Unlikely Ways to Make Money in 2020

Sell your soul ($10,000,000)


          It can be hard finding a job that you want to dedicate your time to. Lucky for the patrons of the modern world, however, we all have the opportunity to generate income doing nothing at all thanks to technology matching people who need services to people who need money. The following are four opportune ways to make money right now, provided you can stomach the invasiveness. 


  • Get infected with the coronavirus ($4500) 

A laboratory in London is seeking 24 volunteers to be injected with two weak strains of the coronavirus and will administer new and existing vaccines to the subject. The trials will last about 11 to 14 days and compensates around $4500 USD (that’s approximately $320 to $400 dollars a day). This study is optimal for high school students because of our high survival chances and lack of ith flights to London selling for so cheap right now, I think its the perfect time to cross the pond and have a little sick day. 


  • Take part in a (non-corona) research study (Varies, up to $1000)

Last December, I myself took part in a research study at the MUSC and received $500 just to take a vitamin, have some MRIs, and have my blood drawn 3 times. It was the easiest money I’ve ever made, and medical studies have the potential to help people in their real lives! I will leave information for the particular study I participated in below, you can contact them and see if you are eligible. They need teens who use alcohol, marijuana, and non-drinking and smoking teens to use as control subjects (yours truly). 

That one’s not your jazz? There are hundreds of others floating around out there that you can sign up for. These links will match you to SC studies that you may be eligible for:

Try typing in “youth” or “teens” or any conditions you may have (asthma is a popular one in need of subjects). 


  • Donate Plasma (Must be 18+, Up to $400)

CSL Plasma center in — will gladly accept your blood milk with compensations up to $400 for new donors! They require a clean-ish bill of health (similar to blood donations), and ID, and of course your sweet, sweet veins. Plasma donations are in high demand, and your plasma will be used for creating treatments for people with rare diseases such as hemophilia, immunodeficiencies, genetic organ diseases, severe burns, and even patients in traumatic shock. Look at you, you humanitarian, you.


  • Sell Your Hair ($40 – $800)

Depending on your hair’s thickness, color, and virginity, you could earn some extra cash shipping it off to wig makers and extension services. This Hair Price Calculator will tell you how much yours is worth: 


  • Sell your opinion (varies, $4 – $450) 

By joining a focus group you can effectively get cash just for telling the corporations how you really feel. It can be like therapy, except, you are more likely to just be taste testing cereals or something ( You can search for specific focus groups or groups in you area at this link: with some taking place nationwide, mailing you checks for every task completed. Another organization, Coastal Focus, is located specifically in the Charleston area and accepts applications here:


Remember, if none of these really tickle your interest, there’s always another option: you can get a job. I know I sound like your dad, but it’s probably the best way to go if you want a stable income. If not though, please let me know if you tried any of these methods with success, I am particularly interested in selling my hair to combat my annual discomfort in this season of humidity.