How to Ace College Interviews!

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What involves waiting for emails, accentuated formalities, and seniors pitching their lives to strangers they met two minutes ago? If you clicked on this article, then you already know it’s time for college interviews! (and if you didn’t catch that, then you probably shouldn’t do one… jk…but not really) Like the true investigative journalist I am, I could sense that my next big story was on the horizon, ready to be cracked wide open in all of its glory. Cognizant of my duty to my loyal subscribers, I set out to find the most credible founts of information on the topic available. So, I Googled “college interviews” and read the first links that popped up. Keep reading if you dare…

Your future is riding on this, so do good. No pressure haha

— Ellie Marino

#1: Come Prepared

The best offense is a good defense, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down. Preparation cannot and should not be overstated. You need to prepare in three senses: physical, mental, and social. In terms of physical preparation, you need to remember to print out your resume and dress the part. Resumes are very important, as many interviewers will base your conversation off of the document. Mentally, you need to get in a good headspace to interact congenially with your interviewer, and portray yourself in a positive manner. Finally, you need to bring out those manners and be the best conversationalist you can be!

Know a lot of niche information about the institution

— Caroline Hyde

Caroline making her resume!

#2: Practice

While practice will not make perfect, it will make you more prepared. Prepping for the traditional college Qs is your key to victory. I included some of the biggies below.

What is your academic passion?

What is something unique about yourself?

What is your story?

When was a moment you overcame struggle?

How will you contribute to this university?

What is your favorite book or media?

What would you like the admissions committee to know about yourself?

Davis and Will applying my infinite wisdom

We’re talking about practice!

— Allen Iverson, 2002

#3: Chill Vibes

At the end of the day, interviews primarily serve to benefit the applicant, assuming you don’t offend the interviewer. Be the best version of yourself without being too stiff or “phony,” as Holden Caulfield would say. Just do your best, and make sure to check back in next edition to see how Raptor interviews have gone thus far!