Parody of Freshmen Vs. Seniors

The First Day of School


This is a picture taken on the first day of school of a freshman and a senior.


It’s my first day of high school. I am so excited to get out of  middle school. I am going to reinvent myself into the person that I have always wanted to be. I know the freshmen get ridiculed sometimes, according to TikTok, but I hope everybody likes me. The world is full of hope and possibility.

The morning of, I put on the outfit that I got when I went back to school shopping with my mom. I come downstairs and my mom made me breakfast. Then my mom takes a picture of me for her first day of school album. I run out the door because I have to take the bus and fight all of the SOA middle schoolers for the back seat. I’m planning on sitting with some of my friends from summer scholars. I think high school will be amazing and full of opportunities.

It’s the second day of high school. I have some homework, but not a lot. I am very overwhelmed by everybody and the change from middle school to here. All of the seniors and juniors are depressed. They are all crying and freaking out about school work and college stuff. I am hoping to ask my new friends to hang out this weekend. I think high school will be great and hopefully like High School Musical.


It’s my last first day of high school. I have been dreading this day all summer. Back to the good old prison cell. The only good side is that we will all be depressed together. I have already been working on college apps for weeks now, and now I have to juggle school work with that. I can’t believe I am back. I don’t think we even had summer. I’m going to start a petition.

The morning of, I get to school right after the tardy bell. Nobody cares that I’m late because there are 50 other seniors with me. I go to homeroom and just pray that I have at least one friend in each of my classes. I walk into homeroom and the teacher scowls at me and another kid because I am holding a Chick-fil-A bag and he walks in holding a Bojangles bag. We both sit down and prepare for the syllabuses and homework assignments to come.

It’s now my second day of senior year. I already have 3 essays due tomorrow. Plus, my parents are on my back about applying to scholarships and college. I hate this and I am ready to be done with all of it already. I brought a blanket to school this morning and took a nap in the senior lounge. Don’t be fooled, kids! High School Musical is not what it’s actually like. I think I’ll sue for false advertising.