Pi Day 2019

The Winners of Peace, Love, Pi


This year, March 14th was not just your typical Thursday… It was Pi Day 2019! AMHS had one of the best Pi Day celebrations in the history of the school, complete with t-shirts, live music, and of course, lots of pie. Students participated in a wide variety of competitions and activities with the theme “Peace Love Pi”, resulting in a multitalented group of Pi Day winners.


Every year, the classic Pi Day project favorite is writing a mathematics themed poem. From limericks to free verse, almost every genre of poetry except haikus are covered by students interested in creative writing. To ensure the competition is judged by true poetry masters, the winner of the Pi Day poem is determined by members of the English department. This year, Kedar Veeraswamy’s Ballad of Tan Gentline secured the winning position for best Pi Day Poem.


Peace Love Pi Poem: The Ballad of Tan Gentline

There once was a man named Tan Gentline

Who liked to do math in his free time

He worked with his brain

To save his wife Jane

From becoming a victim of harsh crime


See Jane was caught up in a scandal

She was seen as a culprit, a vandal

She had lost her Unit Circle

And her face had turned purple

When she told her friends how she had mishandled


Now friends and math teachers alike

Were all full of anger and spite

Jane had committed an utmost atrocity

To own a Unit Circle was a prestigious birthright!


In the town of Calculene where Jane lived

Not everyone was given

A chance to learn precalc or trig


Poor Jane had lost

She’d thrown away, tossed

An opportunity that was oh so big


So now old Tan had himself a big mission

He had to make the townspeople listen

He could draw a new circle

And it would encircle

The people

And they’d release Jane from prison


Tan set about his new quest

With a fresh sense of duty and zest

He was measuring angles

And slowly untangling

The mess of radians, degrees, and all the rest


Soon, he was ready to present

His work to the town for its consent


He’d deduced that the sine

of pi over six

Was one half,

He had fulfilled his intent


When the townsmen saw this

They couldn’t feel at all remiss

For this was the best thing they had seen


They promptly released Jane

And Tan achieved fame

For restoring Peace, Love and Pi to Calculene


Digit Recitation

Every year, one of the biggest events of Pi Day is the digit recitation competition. This year, the math department observed studiously as sophomore Landon Ethredge recited a whopping 143 digits of the irrational number.


For the poster portion of the 2019 Peace Love Pi day competition, resident Academic Magnet artist Ms. Callicott selected freshman Alexis Bacani’s beautiful drawing as the winner.



Freshman Mikhal Douglass’ silly selfie perfectly encapsulates the challenges faced by students at AMHS, leading him to win the meme category in the competition.



Judged by the math department, Casey Matthews won best video in the 2019 AMHS Pi Day.


Junior Alex Huang, saxophonist in the AMHS Little Big Band, performed his rendition of the digits of pi in musical form. His original saxophone solo piece scored him the win against many other Pi Day themed ballads and raps.


Basketball Shootout

Athletes from all grades of AMHS came together in the gym to compete in the annual Pi Day basketball shootout, with freshman Jake Freudenheim claiming first prize for the most baskets.


T-shirt drawing winners:

Matthew Porzio, Jojo Lonyo, Ethan Ouellete