Polarizing Foods: Thanksgiving Edition

Turkey or tofurkey? Cranberry Sauce? Mashed Potatoes?

Cranberry Sauce: yay or nay?

Cranberry Sauce: yay or nay?

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving and got to all eat your favorite dishes. In this edition of “polarizing foods,” we’ll be focusing on Thanksgiving foods like the infamous cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and many more favorites (and least favorites).

To begin, let’s talk about the quintessential Thanksgiving food: turkey. Anna Clifford (9) calls turkey “a staple,” and David Roddey (11) likes the turkey because it was “tender” and because he “sort of helped cook it.” Max (12) also likes the Turkey the best because of “the sauce,” which he calls “brown goo.” Wesley (10) attributes turkey’s deliciousness to the way it’s prepared: “My mom cooks good turkey bc she puts the stuffing inside.” Of course, there are some who, like Lily, think Turkey is “overrated.”

In general, Turkey was quite popular and only a few students had negative experiences with the meat. For example, Leddy (9) is vegetarian and therefore sticks to the mashed potatoes, and Liam Wood (10) prefers a “nice piece of salted ham” over turkey. Kevin Boyd (12), on his experience with tofurkey, said “I saw tofurky for the first time. It was a sin. Someone made it. They took the whole thing back home with them. Not a single person touched it for fear they’d be smited by the Gods.” Sounds like a high-stakes Thanksgiving over at Kevin’s.

“I saw Tofurkey for the first time… not a single person touched it.”

— Kevin Boyd

Undoubtedly, the most polarizing of Thanksgiving foods amongst Magnet students proved to be the infamous cranberry sauce. While cherished by some, such as Leddy, the vegetarian mentioned above, Mrs. Vogel, who enjoys exclusively homemade cranberry sauce, Max, and Caroline, this polarizing food is mostly disliked. Sam Carson says he’s “never been a fan,” and Marshall (9), Jonathan Roberts, and Finn Gottlieb agree. Anna Clifford (9) says she doesn’t like the cranberry sauce, “because it’s too sweet.” Caroline (12) does not understand why so many people hate it: “let’s not waste cranberry sauce on ungrateful people. I also love cranberry juice and cranberries.”

Unlike the many students who said that cranberry sauce was their least favorite dish, Molly, (11), revealed that her least favorite part of the meal was “spending time with her family.” Hmm. That escalated.

One of the more popular dishes amongst our thankful and giving Raptors is, of course, mashed potatoes! They are Marshall’s favorite because he helped make them, and Molly’s favorite because they are so “creamy and delicious.” Similarly, Lillian Jones’ favorite dish was “sweet potato fluff because my mom puts lots of cinnamon and sugar.”

With thanksgiving now behind us, we’re all excited for the upcoming holidays and the food these holidays entail. So stay tuned for more polarizing foods ad be sure to vote about your feelings on cranberry sauce!

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