Senior Spotlight: Liza Allen

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Senior Spotlight: Liza Allen

Liza Allen is a senior at Academic Magnet and a part of the class of 2019. She may not be well rounded, but she is very enjoyable company and her Quizlets are essential to the student body. You may know her as the host of Talon Talk, Magnet’s highly acclaimed go-to podcast on current events.  After school, she is a part time babysitter for multiple families in all areas of Charleston. This is her weekly routine, college plans, and hobbies.



Get up at 6:50, splash cold water on my face to wake up. Ask Alexa what the weather is. Get dressed and ready, while watching One Tree Hill (or whatever show I am currently into). Make coffee (1 spoonful of creamer, no sugar). Eat either oatmeal with slices of banana in it or Cheerios Cinnamon Oat Crunch. Then finish episode of One Tree Hill. Make bed and brush teeth then leave my house.


Get up at 7:30, play on phone for 20 minutes. Get big mug of coffee (1 spoonful of creamer, no sugar). Watch 1 episode of TV, then take a break to eat breakfast (choices same as above), then watch another episode. During Spring, Summer, and Fall I sit on back porch deck (only in sunlight) to read and tan until someone wants to hang out. I also spend many weekend mornings with my boyfriend, Trap, likely at Three Little Birds for brunch.



Get home around 4. Play with Sadie on the porch for 5 minutes, must tell her I love her. Make 2 cups of coffee. Have either oatmeal with slices of banana or Cheerio Cinnamon Oat Crunch as a snack. I watch 1 episode of TV. Do all homework, then stalk my friends on Spotify for thirty or so minutes. Eat dinner with family around dining room table. Take a shower. Before bed either read, write, or watch TV. Go to bed around 10:30.


Most weekend nights are spent with my boyfriend Trap. We usually go out to dinner then hang out on John’s Island or Daniel Island. If the weather is good, we would typically go on boat or beach. I also like to hangout with my friends; I spend a lot of my time at Lauren’s kitchen countertop and Elly’s basement.

College Plans:

Top choice- University of Georgia Athens. I hope to attend the honors college there and study Marketing.

Secondary Choices- Tulane, University of Virginia Charlottesville, University of Richmond, and Clemson.


Reading- Historical fiction is favorite genre, but I am a sucker for the Mortal Instruments series.

Writing- I like to write, whether that be essays or creatively.

Sadie- I like to watch her. And take pictures.

Beach- I love going to Wrightsville Beach, but when I can’t I prefer anything but Isle of Palms.

Is your senior year going the way you expected?

“Yes. I am surrounded by people I love and I am happy.”