Spotted: New Hip and Cool Coffee Shop in Park Circle


The Orange Spot Review

Nestled between the dismissal bell and your inevitable homework procrastination lies a quaint and quirky coffee shop: The Orange Spot located at 1011 E Montague Ave. Whether you’re looking to write that essay you should have done days ago or just grab a bagel, The Orange Spot is the place for you. In addition, it’s only 7 minutes from Magnet and has ample parking, making it a convenient after school stop. So this week, Kate, Savannah, and Caroline, the Talon’s resident foodies and avid eaters, set out to review the Orange Spot.



I am not a coffee drinker, but I’m obsessed with coffee shops- the atmosphere, the smell, and I find I can complete my homework remarkably faster when eating a baked good surrounded by other coffee-shop fanatics. At the Orange Spot, I ordered a Chai Latte and a sesame bagel, both of which were delicious and way better than the average Starbucks latte and bagel. I’d describe the atmosphere as a clean and modern with lots of natural light, and with free wifi, it’s a great place to do homework. The only drawback is the Orange Spot is expensive, so I can’t go often. But I’m definitely looking forward to the next time I’ll go to The Orange Spot!


I got myself a lavender latte and then a blueberry muffin. The muffin satisfied my need for sugar and carbs, while the latte gave me the caffeine I needed. The atmosphere really made me want to start writing a novel, which is I guess what you want from a coffee shop. My one complaint, is as a student, my personal funds are not that secure, I can’t afford to spend 10 dollars on coffee often.


I like coffee. And I like baked goods. And I really like spending my money on overpriced food that I don’t really need, so The Orange Spot kind of fits all my needs. On my last visit, my order was pretty standard: an iced almond-milk latte with their mocha syrup and a bagel with cream cheese. I love bagels!!! Everything was delicious, but the real appeal of The Orange Spot for me lies in its atmosphere. Fast wifi, natural lighting, and big tables help me focus when I have lots of homework to do. I don’t really get the emphasis on “orangeness” but it’s a great place and you should check it out!