AMHS Promposals 2018


Jack Niesse and Coco Kelly

Prom season is among us, folks. That means the competition to write most original “Prom?” pun with glittery letters on an Office Depot poster board is in full swing. However, these AMHS students found more trendy, memey, and inventive ways to pop the big question, just in time for April 21st.

Mason Bishop and Lauren Yates
As many witnessed in the courtyard during lunch on Wednesday, Mason Bishop took the “cause a scene” approach to go about his promproposal to his girlfriend, Lauren Yates. Although not yet confirmed, it seems that he got inspiration for his grand gesture from the popular deceased app, vine. More specifically, he was inspired by the popular vine titled “I love you b****”. For those who have been living under a rock for the past 3 years, in this vine a guy serenades his girl by playing his guitar effortlessly and singing an original tune that goes a little like “i love you, b****, I ain’t ever gonna stop loving you, b****”. Adorable. So as expected Mason confidently strutted into the courtyard, jumped up onto Lauren’s table, looked down into her eyes, and sang the beautiful melody while strumming away at his guitar. She said yes.

Vinod Pandey and Mia Di Paolo
Mia Di Paolo is one of the lucky underclassmen that got invited to prom this year by junior Vinod Pandey. For those who missed Mia’s snapchat story last week, Vinod kept Mia’s personal interests and hobbies in mind when formally asking her to prom. One of Mia’s favorite things is surfing, so he wrote “Prom?” on a surfboard and also bribed her with some of her favorite candy. How thoughtful. Assuming from her caption on her snap story, “abt to throw down at prom *surfers on surfboards emojis*”, She said yes.

Luke Freudenheim and Elizabeth Moseley
If you’re looking for a good “aww,” I highly suggest watching @lukefreud’s most recent post on instagram. Luke sweetly proposed to his girlfriend Elizabeth by surprising her at lacrosse and spelling out “prom?” with lacrosse balls on the field. He also brought her tulips and a basket of goodies in order to further persuade her to agree to be his date. In his adorable instagram post which gets the whole event on camera, you get a glimpse of Luke’s pre-promproposal nerves as he hopes he doesn’t forget his line: “Will you go to prom with me?”. Confirmed by sliding right on his post, she said yes.

Claire Hunt and Daniel Lehman
As many of us know, Claire Hunt is obsessed with health food and leafy greens. Specifically, she’d die for kale. She even has a shirt that says “kale” instead of “Yale.” Funny, right? Luckily, Daniel is aware of Claire’s infatuation with the bitter salad green, so he made sure to incorporate it into his promposal. In fact, that was his promposal. Just as Claire Hunt would “kale” for a good salad, Daniel wrote on the bushel that he would “kale” to go to prom with her in the middle of newspaper class. When asked about the event, Daniel commented that it was “a little awkward because no one knew what was going on” and that he didn’t know whether to ask if they should take a picture or not. He stated that he’s very excited for prom, but “there will be no kale eating” there “because [he] hate[s] it.” Lehman also reminisced on an occurance in 2015 that probably where Claire asked him to get kale smoothies with her, to which he responded: “that sounds like torture,” and this event probably inspired the p

Seth Dominiak and Ellie Long


Seth Dominiak (Pack-A-Puncher)
Although Pack’s girlfriend, Ellie, attends the school of a name we do not speak, his promposal was worthy of a mention. Nearing Friday, April 13th, Seth’s noticed the number 7 scattered about aspects of his life. He has hit 700,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, his SnapChat streak with Ellie has reached 700 days [telling sign of a stable relationship], and he insists that 4+2+1 equalling 7 (the date of prom is 4/21) is not just any coincidence. Consequently, he bought 700 [there were really only 607, but Ellie couldn’t tell] roses from Trader Joe’s, bringing the total for this promposal over $500. We get it, Seth. You have a high paying career at the age of 18. Whatever. He spread the roses all over the hood of her car and held an equally important poster board explaining the “700” roses.

Whether honoring an internet meme from 2014 or paying an expense that could secure a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas, the promposals are more than impressive this year. With prom nearing at about five days away, the pressure is on to say “I really don’t want to pay all this money for prom, especially since I don’t even really want to go to prom with you. Realistically, you are just my best option” in the most loving and creative way! Listen up: the time is ticking to pop the long-awaited question. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. I’m talking to you, Bryson Rose.