Trend Forecast for 2018

The predicted fashion and social media styles that will take over this year.


Millions of people around the world are caught in the limbo of the new year. Holding onto the fidget spinners and fake news of 2017, people are reluctant to fully immerse themselves in the new year. And for those who have already quit their gym memberships and given up on their new fad diets, 2018 is looking even less promising. But do not be discouraged, there are plenty of ways to get ahead in 2018, including partaking in the predicted fashion and social media trends of the new year.

Some people may joke that the biggest trend of 2018 will be the replacement of starbursts with tide pods, but this is truly no joke. Tide pods are for doing the laundry only… not for eating. The pods consist of harsh chemicals that can deteriorate your organs and cause organ failure.

There are many predicted clothing trends for the coming year, many of which have already started to appear in clothing boutiques and on online shops. One of the highly anticipated styles hitting the shelfs this year is astrology themed designs. This style includes moons, stars, suns, or anything celestial printed on clothes and accessories. A popular use of astrology in fashion can be seen in jewelry that includes sun, moon, or star charms on necklaces and bracelets. Another trending fashion style are micro shades, sunglasses with smaller frames that cover only one’s eyes. As Kim Kardashian said, β€œYou cannot wear big glasses anymore. It’s all about tiny little glasses,” when describing her new fashion choice. Multiple high fashion designers like Vera Wang, Roberi and Fraud, and Andy Wolf suggest that micro shades will make a major comeback this year as people embrace fashion statements from the 90’s. Β 

Social media sites such as Instagram and Snapchat are also predicting new trends for how social media is used. Media influences suggest that monochrome photos and animated photos are expected to gain popularity on social media sites. In addition, developers at facebook expect that 2018 will bring consumers and social media users a more personalized experience with filters for social media feeds and advertisements.

Trends may be temporary, but this year take full advantage of them by following them before they become mainstream. These predictions for popular styles and social media content are certain to ensure a stylish start to 2018.