Class of 2016 College Decisions

May 23, 2016

National College Decision Day, May 1, has come and gone, leaving the Class of 2016 with their final college decisions. From California to New York, these Raptors are flocking all across the country. Some are staying nearby, though, with an astounding 30.6% of the Class of 2016 heading off to Clemson, 14.6% to USC, and 9.3% to College of Charleston. A few Raptors are even going Ivy League, with John Pavlides and Matthew Leadem attending Columbia University, Grace Rieflin heading to Cornell University, Whitney Su going to Brown University, and Elaine Zhou and the Talon’s own William Pugh flying off to Princeton University. Four of our seniors have received appointments to military academies: Will Bridgham, Nate Schlosser, Phillip Middleton, and Eli Roberts.

Where else will Raptors find new nests?  Univ of Colorado, Colorado College, TCU, Univ of Alabama, NYU, Swarthmore, Kenyon,Babson, Univ of Michigan , Ohio State, Johns Hopkins, Bard, DePaul, Univ. of Melbourne, UC Davis, UCLA, Mountain Training, Georgia Tech, Barnard, Indiana Univ., Mercer, Brandeis, Case Western, Univ. of Iowa, West Virgina Univ., Columbia, Wake Forest, Auburn, Sewanee, Furman, McGill,  Vanderbilt, Emory, Fordham,  San Diego State, The Citadel, Virginia Tech, Univ. of Georgia, Cornell, Washington and Lee, Wofford, Univ. of Miami, Charleston Southern, Utah Valley Univ., Boston University, Pomona, MIT and Duke.

Check out individual decisions below:

  1. Evey Adams: Clemson University
  2. Henry Aherne: University of Colorado – Boulder
  3. Andrew Alberg: University of South Carolina
  4. Wade Allen: Clemson University
  5. Josh Alvarado: Colorado College
  6. Erin Atz: Clemson University
  7. Ben Auten: Texas Christian University
  8. Emily Aysse: University of South Carolina
  9. Ardeshir Bahadori: Clemson University
  10. Lauren Baldo: Clemson University
  11. States Beall: University of South Carolina
  12. Thomas Bennett: University of Alabama – Huntsville
  13. Rachel Biggs: University of South Carolina
  14. Caroline Black: Clemson University
  15. Anna Book: University of South Carolina
  16. Janae Bowman: University of South Carolina
  17. Creed Branham: College of Charleston
  18. Will Bridgham: U.S. Military Academy at West Point
  19. Mary Peyton Brown: New York University
  20. Jason Brule: Clemson University
  21. Carter Brzezinski: Kenyon College
  22. Lawton Burris: College of Charleston
  23. Sam Cabiness: Clemson University
  24. Maddy Carens: Swarthmore College
  25. Gypzy Carrigg: College of Charleston
  26. Ethan Carter: University of South Carolina
  27. Nick Carter: University of California – Davis
  28. Chris Chaplin: University of South Carolina
  29. James Cheng: Babson College
  30. Rachel Clyburn: Clemson University
  31. Ben Cottingham: University of South Carolina
  32. Karlie Cradock: University of Michigan
  33. Laurel Cross: Clemson University
  34. Emma Crowfoot: Clemson University
  35. Jakob Cumins: University of Colorado – Boulder
  36. Alex Cunningham: Mountain Training School
  37. Danny Cunningham: Ohio State University
  38. Eduardo da Costa: Johns Hopkins University
  39. Natalie Davidson: University of South Carolina
  40. Kyle Davis: Bard College
  41. Lee Davis: Clemson University
  42. Joseph DeVito: DePaul University
  43. Hayden DiBona: College of Charleston
  44. Lauren Dickman: University of Melbourne
  45. Ariel Dornisch: Mercer University
  46. Anne Dosher: Clemson University
  47. Daniel Ethredge: Clemson University
  48. Kristin Fairey: Georgia Tech
  49. Blake Farrell: University of South Carolina
  50. Elayna Gleaton: Barnard College
  51. Jason Goldberg: Indiana University
  52. Jensen Haldrup: Clemson University
  53. Noa HaLevi: Brandeis University
  54. Connor Hall: Clemson University
  55. Sarah Hand: University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
  56. Erica Hoskins: Clemson University
  57. Katie Hulsey: Clemson University
  58. Emily Ingalls: Case Western Reserve University
  59. Josh Isaacks: Clemson University
  60. Dashiell Jay: College of Charleston
  61. Hannah Jellema: Clemson University
  62. Dawn Jensen: University of South Carolina
  63. Amelia Johnson: University of Iowa
  64. Elle Johnson: Clemson University
  65. Maddox Johnston: University of South Carolina
  66. Margaret Rose Jones: College of Charleston
  67. Emily Jordan: Clemson University
  68. Harrison Kerr: Clemson University
  69. Coleman Kiester: Clemson University
  70. Taylor King: DePaul University
  71. Olivia Kinsinger: Texas Christian University
  72. Mary Geer Kirkland: College of Charleston
  73. Kat Koval: West Virginia University
  74. Jacob Kunkle: Clemson University
  75. Zach Lanning: Clemson University
  76. Matthew Leadem: Columbia University
  77. Heather Lee: Clemson University
  78. Thomas Lehman: University of South Carolina
  79. Clarissa Lippert: College of Charleston
  80. Robyn Loucks: College of Charleston
  81. Robert Lowry: Wake Forest University
  82. Isabelle Luckie: Auburn University
  83. Megan MacAulay: Sewanee: The University of the South
  84. Matthew Martin: Furman University
  85. Carson Matsick: College of Charleston
  86. Sophie McCallum: McGill University
  87. Clifton McDonald: University of South Carolina
  88. Emily McGee: Clemson University
  89. Kyle McGue: University of Colorado – Boulder
  90. Mackie McLernon: Clemson University
  91. Lauren Medich: Fordham University
  92. Sam Menkus: University of South Carolina
  93. Megan Michalski: Clemson University
  94. Philip Middleton: U.S. Naval Academy
  95. Silas Miller: Clemson University
  96. Keb Mosley-Kellum: Vanderbilt University
  97. Shani Mueller: Emory University
  98. Jacob Nash: Clemson University
  99. Owen Navarro: New York University
  100. Cooper Nugent: Clemson University
  101. Darius Nwokike: The Citadel
  102. Ian Ouellette: New York University
  103. Arran Parker: San Diego State University
  104. John Pavlides: Columbia University
  105. Mikhail Pekar: Gap Year
  106. Allyson Peurifoy: College of Charleston
  107. Cooper Pitts: Virginia Tech
  108. William Pitts: University of South Carolina
  109. Alexis Polcyn: Columbia College Chicago
  110. Maddie Claire Proctor: College of Charleston
  111. William Pugh: Princeton University
  112. Tony Reda: Clemson University
  113. Ben Redden: College of Charleston
  114. Maegan Reed: Clemson University
  115. Maryanna Reed: University of Georgia
  116. Grace Rieflin: Cornell University
  117. Eliza Rivers: Clemson University
  118. Eli Roberts: U.S. Naval Academy
  119. Dylan Robinson: Clemson University
  120. Anne Rodgers: Washington and Lee University
  121. Emma Rodgers: Clemson University
  122. Hallie Roerden: University of South Carolina
  123. Emily Rojas: Charleston Southern University
  124. Phoebe Rudolph: Utah Valley University
  125. Mika Sakamoto: University of South Carolina
  126. Betsy Samber: UCLA
  127. Jameson Sanders: Clemson University
  128. Isabella Schafer: Vanderbilt University
  129. Madison Santi: University of Miami
  130. Nate Schlosser: U.S. Military Academy at West Point
  131. Miranda Schwacke: California Institute of Technology
  132. Savannah Seeber: Clemson University
  133. MacKenna Smith: Wofford College
  134. Vivian Song: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  135. Maddie Steen: College of Charleston
  136. Peter Sterckx: Clemson University
  137. Whitney Su: Brown University
  138. Penelope Summerall: Auburn University
  139. Amber Thomas: University of South Carolina
  140. Bridget Tunney: Clemson University
  141. John Michael Wager: University of South Carolina
  142. Nathan Wan: Clemson University
  143. Tim Wang: Boston University
  144. Reaves Wannamaker: Clemson University
  145. Connor Woods: Pomona College
  146. Haven Xu: University of South Carolina
  147. Tiffany Yeung: Clemson University
  148. Xiaolan You: Duke University
  149. Elaine Zhou: Princeton University
  150. Zachary Zuber: Clemson University

Compare to the class of 2015:\

And the class of 2014



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