College Decisions for the 2015 Seniors


May 1st also known as “College Decision Day” has arrived with much stress, difficult decisions, but at the end of the day, relief. As the Class of 2015’s era comes to an end, every senior has officially committed to the college they will be attending in the upcoming fall. Below are the names of all seniors and their college choice.

Adam Ackerman- College of Charleston

Chandler Anderson- Clemson University

Leonardo Awgulewitsch- College of Charleston

Eric Bailey- University of South Carolina

Adelaide Basco- Tulane University

Austin Bauder- Clemson University

Jessica Baynes- Naval Academy Prep School

Lucas Beall- The Citadel, The Military College of SC

Ella Berger- College of Charleston

Ryan Berlinsky- College of Charleston

Zachary Bodek-  University of Oklahoma

Matthew Borland- Clemson University

Rebecca Bosch- Furman University

Annika Bovender- Furman University

Gwyneth Bradley- University of Virginia

Andrew Bruce- Clemson University

Patrick Bulson- University of South Carolina

Sydney Burkhardt- Colorado College

Ally Bush- Queens University of Charlotte

Charles Cain- Clemson University

Matthew Calonius- University of South Carolina

Christopher Camp- Duke University

Evan Camp- Naval Academy

Lexi Chavin- George Washington University

Colleen Christensen- Furman University

Lexi Cocolas- Clemson University

Emma Coen- Clemson University

Timothy Corder- University of Alabama

Jack Delanty- Clemson University

Megan Delorenzo- Clemson University

Amanda Devapiriam- Georgia Tech

Harrison Diesl- Clemson University

Jessica Dooley- University of North Carolina Asheville

Helen Dubois- Clemson University

Carly Duffy- Clemson University

Nicholas Egan- Clemson University

Anneliese Esch- College of Charleston

Caitlyn Fairey- Boston College

Nancey Fang- Clemson University

Henry Flowers- The Citadel, The Military College of SC

Connor Frailey- University of South Carolina

Colton Frankel- Virginia Tech

Eleni Gaspar- Clemson University

Margaret Gibson- George Washington University

Chandler Gravely- Charleston Southern University

Julia Groff- University of South Carolina

Danielle Grosse- University of Florida

Helean Guo- Clemson University

Leotie Hakkila- Emory University

Riley Haldrup- Clemson University

Trace Hall- Notre Dame University

Simeon Hallman- Clemson University

Evan Haynes- Clemson University

Ashley Heywood- College of Charleston

Noah Hollister- Purdue University

Jasmine Hubara- Goucher College

August Hueske- Rollins College

Audrey Hughes- Winthrop University

Justin Hull- Winthrop University

Madison Jenkins- Queens University of Charlotte

Katie Kassouf- Georgia Tech

Melissa Knapp- Clemson University

Samantha Kramer- Clemson University

Elliot Kronsberg- Northwestern University

Jack Kulp- Air Force Academy

Alexa Lane- College of Charleston

Nicholas Langdale- Western Carolina University

Samantha Lavelle- Northeastern University

Anna Lawing- College of Charleston

Teddy Lentz- Clemson University

Grace Lesesne- University of South Carolina

Choral Linhart- College of Charleston

Christian Long- Clemson University

Steven Lu- Clemson University

Marissa Luckie- Auburn University

William Luttrell- Clemson University

Buckley McCall- Clemson University

Maggie McConnell- University of Richmond

Kilbey McCormick- Clemson University

Madison McDougall- College of Charleston

Holland McDowell- George Washington University

Jawaun McKelvey- Clemson University

Myles McKenna- Clemson University

Kyle McRae- Clemson University

Devin McSween- College of Charleston

David Miller- Clemson University

Marin Miller- Emory University

Josh Mitchell- Davidson College

Vaibhav Mohanty- Harvard University

Reece Moore- Clemson University

Bailey Murray- Clemson University

Daniel Nelson- Clemson University

Eva Newman- University of California Los Angeles

Sloan Nietert- Clemson University

Zoe Norris- Clemson University

Nick Nybo- Boston University

Caleb Ouellette- New York University

Zachary Parker- Clemson University

Vendi Pavic- RIT Croatia in Zagreb

Trey Perry- University of South Carolina

Selina Pi- Princeton University

Sara Pilling- Presbyterian College

Mason Proctor- College of Charleston

Charles Rainero- Auburn University

Maya Rawls- Furman University

Zachary Reineke- Clemson University

Coleman Richards- Davidson College

Cassidy Rindge- Converse College

Daniel Roa- Savannah College of Art and Design

Noelle Rondeau- University of Pittsburgh

Tedra Roper- University of Alabama

Alexander Rovner- Rice University

Kyle Saavedra- University of South Carolina

Chris Sacha- Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sashank Sakamuri- Clemson University

Uriel Salazar- Duke University

Mason Salisbury- Arizona Sate University

Megan Salmon- East Carolina University

Jennie Schaaf- Miami University in Ohio

Caroline Schnell- University of Georgia

Christopher Shulz- North Carolina State University

Lilly Schweickhardt- Clemson University

Benjamin Sewell- Clemson University

Samuel Short- Clemson University

Cole Shubert- University of South Carolina

Caleb Sizemore- Anderson University

Devin Smalls- United States Marine Corps

Caroline Smith- Clemson University

Keaton Smith- New York University

Alex Soltys- Clemson University

Jake Sossoman- Rhodes College

Anthony Spyropolous- Clemson University

Victoria Stadtmueller- Marymount University

Zachary Swalhah- Clemson University

Ailish Sykes- Clemson University

Leslie Thelan- University of South Carolina

Katrina Thomas- College of Charleston

Andrew Turner- Clemson University

Eric Van Overeem- Clemson University

Scott Varn- University of South Carolina

Hannah Waddell- Coast Guard Academy

Deidra Ward- Clemson University

Cameron Waters- Wake Forest University

Andrew Wong- Champlain University

Jessica Wright- Princeton University

Nelson Yeung- Clemson University

James Yon- College of Charleston

Madison Yost- University of South Carolina

Bertrand Zhang- University of Texas at Austin                

 How does this compare to the Class of 2014? Take a look here: