Spanish Classes Visit Matilda Dunston Elementary School

Members of the AP Spanish and Spanish 5 classes here at our school have started visiting Matilda Dunston Elementary School in North Charleston.  Many of the students at Matilda Dunston are not able to speak English and are typically quiet and reserved in the classroom, leading them to sometimes feel alone and left out. Thanks to the students at Academic Magnet, these kids are given an outlet where they are able to form relationships and interact with someone who understands their language.  The students at Magnet are then able to help these students learn English so they may better communicate with their peers and teachers.  We want these children to get excited about learning and help them feel comfortable in their school environment.

Each student in the AP and Spanish 5 classes are assigned dates where they and one other student visit the school.  The students visit the school for about an hour and a half during their Spanish class.  This means that every day the students at Matilda Dunston are interacting with Magnet students.  When the students arrive at the school, they immediately begin working with the children.  They read the children stories and play games that teach the students about letters, numbers, colors, shapes and more.  Depending on the time of day the students visit, they might talk with the kids at lunch, help them with crafts, play outside during recess, or simply help them whilst they learn something new.  Either way, it’s always a fun experience for both the magnet students and the children at Matilda Dunston Elementary.