Spring Breaking in Charleston?

If you’re like me, or Ms. Hooffstetter, you’ve been counting down the days till spring break since we came back from winter break. With a whole week off to do whatever you want, here are some ideas for fun activities to save you from boredom over the break.

Take a trip to Pitt Street

Pitt Street is a beautiful spot in Mt. Pleasant with views of downtown Charleston and the bridge. You can grab a friend, pack a tasty lunch or snack, and enjoy some sun while looking at a beautiful view of Charleston.

Explore a new beach

There are 5 beautiful beaches in the Charleston area, but personally, I rarely stray from the one closest to my house. But if you’re looking for something different and fun to do, take a little day trip to a different beach and explore the shops and restaurants. Who knows what you’ll find!

Watch a whole season of a Netflix show

There are lots of things that you should do outside over the break, but we all need a day or two to just relax and not do anything. If you’re looking for something that requires little energy and will still leave you feeling accomplished, watch an entire season of a Netflix show in one day.

Go to a concert

If you’re a fan of live music, going to a concert would be a great thing to do over the break. The Music Farm, the Charleston Pour House, the Charleston Music Hall, and the Windjammer have great live music that would be fun to explore with your pals.

Road trip 

Charleston is surrounded by great cities and towns that could be really fun to explore. You can choose a few places in-state or even find some in surrounding states to check out with your friends or family.

Find a fun place to eat

Charleston is the home to so many restaurants and food joints. Instead of eating the same turkey sandwich for lunch everyday, find a new place to eat. You can go to Huriyali to try an acai bowl, Tazi to get a smoothie, or Taco Boy for some great Mexican food.

Go shopping on King Street

King Street is one of the major tourist destinations in Charleston. With so many stores and restaurants, you could take a day to eat, shop, and explore the famous historic shopping district.

Whatever you decide to do over spring break, make sure that you relax and enjoy the time off. If you have homework to do, get it out of the way early so you don’t have to worry about it while you’re trying to enjoy your break. Spring break is a time to have fun and hang out with friends, so make some plans, do something fun, and enjoy your time away from school!