Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Magnet’s Celebrity Look Alikes

Do you have a friend who looks like an A-lister? Chances are you might.

Walking the halls of Magnet there is no doubt you will see an A-lister look alike roaming around. Our famous-looking student body has been known to resemble your favorite celebrities and TikTok stars, so I sent out a survey asking that exact question. The responses did not disappoint, and the similarities between your fellow Raptors and these celebrities is uncanny. Without further ado, here are the top celebrity look-alikes of Academic Magnet.   

JL Silveston and Tony Lopez

First up we have JL Silveston and Ex-Tik Tok star Tony Lopez. While their resemblance is undeniable with those brunette curls and cheeky smiles, with Tony Lopez’s recent convictions, it is safe to say that is the only similarity the two share. 

Ford Martin and Jack Black 

Next up is a duo you may have never thought of, but is guaranteed to shock you: Ford Martin and Jack Black. Aside from the obvious similarity, the beard, that devious smirk pasted on both Ford’s and Jack Black’s face is an expression you are bound to see on Ford’s face at least twice in your time knowing him. With Jack Black’s well rounded talent as an actor, musician, and comedian, this is nothing but a compliment. 

Jason Gould and David Mazouz

Coming in at one of the most accurate doppelgangers submitted is Jason Gould and David Mazouz. From the hair to the eyes to the nose, there is no doubt this pair would be mistaken for one another on the street. Although I did not know who David Mazouz was before this submission, now everytime I see and think of him I will only think of Jason as well. 

Bennet Bair and Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad

I spoke too soon because this duo might ring in at number one. While it could just be the haircut and the angle of the photo, you could put Bennet Bair into Breaking Bad and I would not be able to tell the difference. Hopefully Bennet is partaking in different activities in his free time than Jesse Pinkman does, but their similarities are unquestionable.

Daniel Zhang and Carl from UP

Now this one might be a stretch. The only similarity I see between Daniel Zhang and Carl from UP is their glasses. Although the angle of the photo of Daniel is not supporting their resemblance, the age difference between the two is not either. 

John Thomasson and Brock Purdy, Mort from Madagascar, and John Quincy Adams

Talk about a jack of all trades, or more like a John of all trades. John Thomasson has too many look-alikes to count. The most accurate look alike is Mort from Madagascar with Brock Purdy coming in second followed by John Quincy Adams. The name might be the only thing the pair shares. However, if you think you see a celebrity in the halls, chances are, it is John. Some might call him a celebrity as it is, let alone with all these doppelgangers.  


Joey Schady and Blonde Justin Bieber 

Now this one might be a stretch. Although Joey Schady and Justin Bieber share the same haircut and color, I am struggling to find the facial similarities. However, from behind I would not be able to spot a difference between their bowl cuts. 

Bouden Tippens and Chris Kratt from Wild Kratts

Next up is Bouden Tippens and Chris Kratt from Wild Kratts. From the pose to the hair, this is spot on. Bouden looks just as happy as Mr. Kratt with his cheery smirk and wave. If the Kratt’s had another brother, Bouden would fit in perfectly. 

Jack Troy and Harold from Spongebob

Harold? Oh, you mean Jack Troy? Sorry, I could not spot the difference. With Jack being the star swimmer that he is, a match has never made more sense. Aside from their shared love for the open waters, they also share a similar stance and facial expression. Jack might just be a real fish out of water. 

Lukey Sutherland and Ellen Degeneres

Back again for the second year is Lukey Sutherland and Ellen Degeneres. This pairing flooded the submissions and I would say they are a dead look alike. With many of my peers in agreement, Lukey and Ellen could be long lost siblings. 

Hank Houseal and Danny Devito

Next up is underclassman Hank Housel and Danny Devito. What prompted this match? I do not know. Maybe they are a similar height. With Danny’s lack of hair this one is hard for me to see. 

Trayce Figueroa and Nick Eh 30

Although I am unaware of who Nick Eh 30 is, I would say I definitely see the resemblance with Trayce Figueroa. Though, after some research, I found out he is a Youtube video gamer. With the glasses and the pose, this matchup is very accurate. 

Sammy Diallo and Kanye West

Another one that is difficult for me to spot the resemblance is Sammy Diallo and Kanye West. With the differing hairstyles and facial features, I will leave this up to your decision of whether they can be called look alikes or not. 

Charlie Zaifert and Darci Lynne 

After I saw this submission, I cannot unsee it. The similarity between Charlie Zaifert and Darci Lynne is uncanny. If Charlie picked up ventriloquism, I would not be able to find to tell apart the duo. 

Kaylee Cathcart and Renee Rapp

Although I was unable to get a picture of Kaylee Cathcart, those who know her can see the resemblance with Renee Rapp. Their smiles are nearly identical. Who knows, Kaylee could be next on the cast list of Mean Girls 2. 

Elliot Brady and Eddie Munson from Stranger Things

From the naked eye, this pairing might be hard to see, but after a closer look Elliot Brady and Eddie Munson from Stranger Things are practically twins. With his hair a couple inches longer and a mullet Elliot could have been Eddie’s stunt double. 

Mr. Jent and Gru 

Lastly, I leave you with Mr. Jent and Gru. Although I was unable to get a picture, once again, you can imagine Mr. Jent’s face right next to Gru’s and see the similarities.

With Magnet’s celebrity looking student body your chances of seeing a look alike are always high. That concludes the list of the top AMHS celebrity doppelgängers, so if you think I missed one, comment below!

They could all be twins!

— Holly Manning

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    Ahsoka TanoMar 16, 2024 at 11:09 pm

    Personally, I’ve always thought Elliot Brady looks a bit like Anakin Skywalker.