Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Exposed: Most Common Excuses From Students PT. 2

Have You Ever Found Yourself Stuck In a Seatbelt?

After the publication of my last article on the topic of the most common excuses given by students to teachers, our wonderful attendance lady, Mrs. Fisher, informed me that she has some great excuses students have given for being late to school. So this article is a part 2 dedicated to those ridiculous excuses and if any of these excuses are one of yours, this is no hate to you,; it is simply a shout out in the interest of entertainment.

Getting locked in the bedroom

When I heard about this story I had to have a good laugh out loud and I believe everyone should hear this story to brighten up their day. The alleged story goes… the person who used this as an excuse had somehow got locked in their bedroom, and due to this, they were forced to crawl out of the window to make it to school. Obviously, this situation would cause you to be late because you would lose time planning a way out of your room and then executing the window crawl. True or not this person gets full points for creativity and I hope that your tardy was excused.

Stuck in Seatbelt

It is so simple, yet so real, yet so unbelievable. Now, if you were truly stuck in your seat belt I am not sure how you’d find your way out without cutting it and if you had the tools on hand it wouldn’t take you long. But let us use our imagination here for a second; you are pulling into the parking lot with only a few seconds to kill and BAM your seat belt won’t unbuckle. You have two options: find a seatbelt cutter and two: slide your way out. Either option would understandably take a few minutes and I can see why that would cause you to be late.


I personally love this little remark as a late excuse because it truly illustrates the lack of care that a late student has when it comes to having to be creative for the tardy to be excused. We have all been there: long morning rushing out the door and arriving late but with no good reason, what else are you supposed to say? Keep it simple and keep it real.


A classic way to spice up the “I slept in” excuse, which continues to be a timeless masterpiece in the gallery of tardiness explanations. So, picture this: You’re nestled in your warm, cozy bed, dreaming of cute puppies, receiving an Oscar, or finally winning over the love of your life, when suddenly you hear your alarm clock and instead of jumping up you decide it’s too early to start the day and instead hit the snooze button for the umpteenth time. Before you know it, you are late, and what better way to put it than that you were simply catching z’s.

Fire Truck/Cement Truck/School Bus in Front of Me

Ever been stuck behind a school bus or fire truck? It’s like being in a race behind a turtle. Minutes drag on as you watch kids hop on and off or firefighters move at a snail’s pace. When you finally break free, you race to your destination, but when you arrive late, just blame it on the mobile obstacle course: “Sorry, I got stuck behind a _____.” There is no reason to fight the truth. We have all been there and unfortunately enough, these monsters on the road always happen to be in front of us when time is already working against us.


This one is for all you seniors out there who, like myself and many others,  are simply burnt out and ready to be done. If you have been struck with a severe case of senioritis, that infamous condition that turns punctual seniors into chronic procrastinators, you may experience symptoms such as struggling to peel yourself out of bed or lack of motivation to do homework. For some, when the morning time hits, life seems to slow down to a crawl, and distractions become irresistible. By the time you make it to school, you’re fashionably late, blaming it all on senioritis. After all, who can resist the allure of slacking off when graduation and college are just around the corner?

Lost Backpack/Keys

Ever had one of those mornings when your backpack and keys decide to play hide-and-seek? You’re tearing your room apart like a detective, only to find them hiding in plain sight. Well, you are not alone because according to Mrs. Fisher, this is a randomly used common excuse for late students. Out of all the excuses on this list, this one is the most believable and relatable because without your keys how are you supposed to get anywhere? Without your backpack what is the point of going to school (unless you are Hank Bear)? These essential items are a make or break for any student’s morning.

Stuck In Neighborhood

This excuse is very vague and was chalked up to a version of Traffic. This student simply just said that they “couldn’t get out of their neighborhood”. This most likely means there was traffic because maybe there was an accident near the exit of their neighborhood causing the street to get blocked up or maybe there was construction causing them to have to make a detour or maybe the student just needed an excuse for being late.

Threw up

Very short and very vague: “threw up”. This excuse is slightly concerning and a little too nonchalant for such an intense form of sickness; but, I suppose there could have been several reasons for this person to throw up. Personally, if I woke up one morning and threw up I would not be making my way to the school, I would take the opportunity to stay in bed.

In list after list that only says traffic, the honest or creative answer is always appreciated because we do need something to laugh at…but it is not always going to work.

— Ms. Fisher

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