Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Wing Stop Mukbang and Review

I tried almost everything on the Wing Stop menu!!

Wingstop mukbangs have flooded my TikTok for you page for the past few weeks. From the giant container of ranch to the unique wing flavors, to say I have been craving Wingstop would be an understatement. Fast-food mukbangs have become increasingly popular on apps like TikTok and Instagram over the past few months. Creators post videos of a microphone capturing the crunch from biting chicken nuggets or dipping of items into sauces. It makes sense that Wingstop was able to beat out most other fast-food restaurants to claim the title of most popular Mukbang restaurant. With the fast food chain’s variety of flavors and unique dips and textures, thousands have been drawn to the chain to see for themselves if this restaurant is as good as the TikTok Mukbang accounts make them look.


Tell me you aren’t now drawn in to this.
Seniors: Chloe Carlsten, Addie Utsey, Maryn Tombs, and Holly Manning munching down their Wing Stop.

I started my journey to the Wingstop in West Ashley on Friday the 16th at 1:30 pm. I brought a group of fellow Wingstop fanatics in tote (as seen below). As we trekked for 15 minutes over to Wingstop we realized, they were only accepting online orders and were left disappointed that we would have to wait 25 minutes for our online order to be ready. When placing my order I wanted to 1. Make it as cheap as possible and 2. Try as many things on the menu as possible. 

But after placing my order, I realized I went way too overboard, spending a whopping $25. I ordered  6 bone-in wings, the Louisiana voodoo fries, the cajun fried corn, a 20 oz drink, and a tub of Wingstop ranch. My fellow Wingstop buddies ordered the following items: 6 garlic parmesan boneless wings and fries, 6 boneless Hawaiian wings, and 3 Korean barbeque boneless wings, 6 hot wings, seasoned fries. Below I have rated the items we ordered on a scale of 1-10 and recommended what you should order when you visit this delicious restaurant.



My giant order

Wingstop Ranch

First off we have the infamous large ranch. Costing $4, this tub is worth your money. I credit Wing Stop’s incredibly popular ranch, to the rise of the Mukbang empire. Being an avid ranch consumer myself, I was excited to taste it for myself. But, I will not lie I was left with disappointment. If you consider yourself a Chick-fil-A ranch lover you will not be a Wingstop ranch lover. Words cannot describe my excitement when I saw this half-pound tub of ranch sitting in front of me, but once I tasted this ranch I was sorely disappointed. For one, the ranch is much more runny than expected yet felt like I was consuming 1,000 calories after one dip. Also, it has a very strong dill flavor which surprised me. On the positive side, the ranch complements all things dipped in it, even with a ton of ranch on the wing I was still able to taste the flavor of the wings. Overall I thought this ranch was way too overhyped I would give it a solid 6/10.

Addie Hanna and I dipping our wings into our tub of ranch

Cajun Fried Corn

Next up we have the infamous cajun fried corn. This was probably the second biggest draw to Wing Stop for me. For one I was confused about how a fast-food restaurant would serve corn and how is this corn  so popular. To my surprise, the cajun fried corn was the best part of my wing-stop mukbang overall. For one, the corn looked by far the most appetizing compared to the rest of my meal(zoomed-in picture below), and the “cajun” flavors did not disappoint. Even when I tried it dipped in the ranch it was still pretty good. Cajun fried corn in my opinion ties for first place with a 9/10.

Louisiana Voodoo Fries

The Louisiana Voodoo fries were, in my opinion, the biggest disappointment out of my entire Mukbang. From the picture attached below you can see the ratio of cheese to ranch was incredibly off. The fries were soggy and  I couldn’t taste the flavor. Even though I asked my fries to be well done, it felt like I ate a mushy potato. Overall I do not recommend, 3/10. 

Wing Stop was pure delight

— Chloe Carlsten

Hot honey rub wings

The hot honey rub wings did not disappoint. Due to my allergy(I’m gluten-free) I had to get the wings bone-in and not boneless, so I was a little skeptical having not seen many mukbangs featuring normal wings. But I was joyfully surprised when I tried these wings. Not only does the flavor perfectly balance between spice and sweet, but it also isn’t sticky and gets all over your hands. I am honestly craving these wings right now because they were so good, highly recommend giving them a try, 9/10.

Garlic Parmesan Wing 

The other bone in the wing that I tried was the garlic parmesan wings. Being highly recommended by my chauffeur, Addie Hanna, I had to give them a try. But compared to the hot honey wings I was slightly disappointed. These wings lacked flavor and tang, overall leaving the taste of the ranch that I dipped them in. If you are not a big fan of spice I do not recommend these wings, most Wing Stop wings are on the spicier side so be wary of that when you visit. Also, while the flavor wasn’t bad,  it was mainly their look that knocked down some points. The wings looked gross and almost inedible. Overall I rate these wings a 5/10.

My second visit to Wing Stop

After beginning this article I have made another visit to this glorious place called Wing Stop, and this time under very different circumstances. It was late Friday at 11 pm and Wing Stop once again was calling my name. Luckily, I was in West Ashley with my friends, a 7-minute drive to Wing Stop and we decided to stop for a late dinner/midnight snack. While we did have some unfortunate events surrounding our ordering(Alexa wiping out running to the car and spilling her drink), we were able to receive our order within 5 minutes! I ordered a 6-count of hot honey wings and fries and overall I would say my experience this Friday was much better and enjoyable 11/10.




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