Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Academic Magnet High School - North Charleston, South Carolina.


Oh No! It’s Raining Cats and Dogs: Part Two

Meet the next round of your fellow furry friends

Pets: A man’s best friends. Didn’t see your pet in the first feature? Well it is your fluffy counterpart’s time to shine.


Meet the pets of AMHS:

Student name: Emelie Norton

Pet type: Dog

Pet name: Archduke Franz Ferdinand (AKA Duke)

Cool factor: he’s a carry on on flights

BEST qualities: he doesn’t bark

WORST qualities: None

Special talents: he just doesn’t bark



Student name: Anna Fox

Pet type: French Bulldog 

Pet name: Auggie

Cool factor: Auggie is the perfect size: short and sturdy. He likes to play with our other dog, Dory, who is a Great Dane and more than three times his size. They often play tug together, which results in Auggie being dragged across the room ever so gently.

BEST qualities: Auggie loves to snuggle, and he enjoys splashing and playing in puddles. He enjoys being the center of attention, and will eagerly pose for the camera. He snorts and snores, and over all has a very humorous personality.

WORST qualities: Auggie has the stinkiest farts EVER, and has a talent for farting directly in your face. He is also slightly spoiled, so he often cries if he can’t have whatever we’re eating.

Special talents: When he’s upset or lonely, or if we put him in his crate, Auggie will bark in such a way it sounds like he’s yodeling, and we call his strange bark his “Frenchie Song.” Auggie’s also able to make all sorts of funny faces.

A funny story: One fall, we took Auggie out to go apple picking in North Carolina, and while we were walking him around outside we saw another family with a French Bulldog. One of the little girls who owned the dog spotted Auggie, and cried out, “Awww, he’s cuter than our dog!” As if she were appalled that her Frenchie wasn’t as adorable as our lovable little mans. 

Someone your pet reminds you of: George Costanza–Auggie has a certain pose we joke is his “Costanza pose” because he stretches out across the carpet with his hind legs directly behind him, completely horizontal with the rest of his chunky body. He likes to sleep like this too.


Student name: Amelia Sanderson

Pet type: Dogs

Pet name: Oscar and Oliver 

Cool factor: They’re very cute and they have very distinct personalities. For example, Oliver is very mild and sweet and follows behind his brother. Oscar on the other hand is a bit crazy and wants all of the attention and is first in line when following people, going outside, waiting for foods etc. I’ve also taught them lots of tricks.

BEST qualities: They’re very loving and love being around people. They love being close by and will go underneath a blanket that you’re using and lay by your legs. They’re also small so they’re easy to travel with and they can’t cause too much damage because of how small they are.

WORST qualities: They bark all the time. Especially at squirrels, other dogs, and people outside. 

Special talents: They do many tricks (stand on 2 feet, spin, lay down, roll over, through my legs, etc.) 

A funny story: One time during Easter, Oscar found one of the chocolates that were hidden and stole it and ate it. He’s fine, and I don’t know how. He also ate a pack of haribo gummy worms the same day because he also stole those. Probably one of the best days of his life tbh

Someone your pet reminds you of: My mom because she’s very attached to the dogs and does the most for them.


Student name: Hannah Jones

Pet type:  A horse

Pet name: Cola

Cool factor: She has her own PJs

BEST qualities: She’s cute I guess 

WORST qualities: She’s expensive

Special talents: She makes my money disappear 

A funny story: She broke my toe because she stepped on it.

Someone your pet reminds you of: Me, because I also make my money disappear.


Student name: Sunny Holstead

Pet type: Dog

Pet name: Prince

Cool factor: He’s an absolute goofball and a very good boy

BEST qualities: He’s always very excited and happy, hardly ever any thoughts rattling around in his little brain. 

WORST qualities: He constantly tries to chew on fingers, and will certainly lick your face. We’re working on it. We brought him home when he had already effectively passed puppyhood, so certain traits are hard to train out of him.

Special talents: Despite being a type of dog not exactly known for their agility, he can jump three times his height, run like you wouldn’t believe, and is very good at tracking down an taking care of pests. He’s very hard to contain. But my favorite one is that he’s a great cuddler.

A funny story: When we’re not around to constantly watch him, we’ve got a little enclosure that we keep him in, made out of a series of lightweight but quite tall plastic walls. One afternoon I walked into the house after work, to be greeted with his excited wiggling despite the fact that nobody was home and he most certainly should not have been out. I took him out for a walk and put him back in his enclosure, which was in an odd place so I returned it to its usual spot, so I could get changed and make myself some food, but low and behold the very moment his little paws touch the floor he began using his ridiculously large square head to push the enclosure all the way across the room to a nearby chair. And, using the chair to effectively cushion his landing, I kid you not this bulldog LEAPED with a level of grace I’d only seen in dogs bred for athleticism previously, all the way out of the enclosure he could hardly poke the tips of his ears out of when standing on his hind legs. Safe to say we had to find ways to secure the enclosure better going forward.

Someone your pet reminds you of: Honestly he reminds me most of my two-year-old brother, if anyone. He’s just got that same level of constant, off the charts energy and talent for chaos as a toddler that is particularly talented at the whole “terrible-twos” thing. 


Student name: Chloe Batiz 

Pet type: Australian Shepard 

Pet name: Arya

Cool factor: She has hetero-chromia.

BEST qualities: Definitely her eyes and pretty coat.

WORST qualities: She loves to be an attention seeker 

Special talents: Guilt tripping you into petting her

A funny story: Most times when I play fetch with her, she goes to herd the ball. And when she does it , sometimes she’ll topple over herself and act like nothing happened. I think it’s funny.

Someone your pet reminds you of: My younger cousin


Student name: Saiana Elkins  

Pet type: Dog 

Pet name: Rivet

Cool factor: When he walks he prances around and he has extra whiskers.

BEST qualities: He is supper adorable and his fur coat is very pretty.

WORST qualities: He has a habit of nipping and jumping on people but he’s working on it.

Special talents: He’s really smart and he can already use our stairs.

A funny story: Whenever he gets the zoomies he tends to run into walls because it’s hard to stop on our wood floors.

Someone your pet reminds you of: Chewbacca


Student name: Will Balderose

Pet type: Dog

Pet name: Mac

Cool factor: He likes to eat dirt or sand.

BEST qualities: He rolls around everywhere and runs through screen doors.

WORST qualities: He jumps and bites. 

Special talents: He can fist bump. 

A funny story: We thought we accidentally stole him because at the same time we adopted him another dog went missing that was the same description as him. 

Someone your pet reminds you of: My elderly neighbor because he’s always running into walls. 


Student name: Grace Gast 

Pet type: Cat

Pet name: Star

Cool factor: He comes into the house by knocking on my window. He can sit on command. He fights raccoons. He is abnormally long. He loves to be pet and snuggle with people. He has a favorite flower pillow that he sleeps on. 

BEST qualities: He’s handsome. He’s soft. He has a very cool pattern (tuxedo cat). He is an inside-outside cat 

WORST qualities: He kills animals (rats, birds, snakes, lizards). He has brought live animals into the house and we had to trap and them and release them (two rats in two different occasions).

Special talents: He can sit in command and claim very tall trees and fences.

A funny story: He brought a live rat into the house and we spent a week trying to trap it to get it out.

Someone your pet reminds you of: Someone wearing a tuxedo (maybe James Bond)  


Student name: Nicholas Turco

Pet type: Tuxedo Cat 

Pet name: Everest  

Cool factor: He looks awesome and is always very spunky. 

BEST qualities: The best qualities of my pet is how social he is. With any new person, he immediately comes to them and plays with them. He is also very cuddly and never leaves me. Whenever I sit down, he immediately plops onto my lap and forces me to pet him.

WORST qualities: The worst qualities is how he always bites. He never stops! He will come up to you and start purring, you hold him and he touches your nose, and starts biting your neck.

Special talents: He does not really have any… I guess the ability to fall 20 feet twice on his back and still be fine.

A funny story: We put deer fencing over the pot of our plants so he would stop pooping in them, the fencing is very sharp, almost barb wire like. However, the next day a see a giant poop on the deer fencing and my cat is devilishly looking at me. He also looked in pain from the fencing.

Someone your pet reminds you of: My pet reminds me of Loki, somewhat manipulative and charismatic.

The Raptor student body is full of every pet imaginable and we love them all. Comment your pet’s name below!


She has her own PJs

— Hannah Jones

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